Several protests by opponents of the Corona measures kept the police in Franconia in suspense on Friday: A demonstration in Lauf an der Pegnitz ended in a scuffle, additional emergency services had to be called in, three police officers were injured, some seriously.

At the same time, the operations management suppressed a planned protest by the “D-Day 2.0” movement in Lower Franconia.

The government critics had agreed to a parade on the A7 motorway.

From 5 p.m. on Friday evening up to 40 people had initially gathered in Lauf an der Pegnitz to demonstrate against the current Corona measures.

The demonstration was registered and legal.


A police patrol then noticed a participant who was not wearing the prescribed mouth and nose protection.

The woman was able to show a certificate, but the officials doubted its authenticity.

Since the woman was behaving uncooperatively, the officers waited until the end of the meeting with a major inspection.

When this began, 20 participants showed solidarity with the 52-year-old.

They pressed the police patrol and asked the woman to resist the measures.

Another patrol was requested because of the fights.

Other police officers had to be called in, including a unit of the Bavarian riot police.

An officer had to go to the clinic


The officers were able to calm the mood and then took down the personal details.

Cell phones were also confiscated because the operation had been filmed.

The parties involved are now being investigated on suspicion of a breach of the peace.

A 39-year-old has to answer for resistance to law enforcement officers and assault.

The 52-year-old woman is expecting a criminal complaint for using incorrect health certificates.


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Three officers were injured during the operation.

A 38-year-old officer had to be treated in the hospital.

Police officers also met unruly demonstrators on the A7 motorway.

Since the early afternoon, several opponents of the Corona measures had been with their vehicles - some equipped with banners, posters and signs - in parking lots near the motorway access.


Previously, rallies in the area of ​​the motorways had been announced for Friday afternoon on the Internet and on leaflets.

At the top around 100 vehicles from supporters of the so-called “D-Day 2.0” movement were on the move in Lower Franconia, it said.

The car parade aimed at by the participants - and potentially dangerous for road traffic - did not materialize.

Several times a woman drove around waving a flag

An opponent of state corona measures drove slowly along the A7 motorway, waving flags several times, despite instructions from the police.

After the third time, the woman's vehicle key was temporarily withheld, the police said.

In total, the continued journey of two vehicles was prevented.

In addition, two criminal proceedings were opened for violations of the Weapons Act and 24 administrative offenses were reported.

The officers checked a total of 76 vehicles.

56 people were sent off, in 33 cases so-called "dangerous speeches" were given.

In addition, there were 15 reports of violations of the Infection Protection Act.