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Joe Biden's term of office has barely begun and he has already reversed the first decisions of the Trump years by decree.

Whether building the wall on the southern border, the so-called "Muslim Ban" or leaving the World Health Organization and the climate protection agreement.

The 46th US President is setting standards in the first few days.

In an interview with Sonja Gillert, US correspondent Steffen Schwarzkopf looks at the new tone in the White House, but also the question: What can Biden actually change so quickly?

After all, the expectations of the Democrats are huge.

When it comes to building the wall, it is already clear that it cannot be stopped that easily.

And Steffen has already discovered the other side of dear Uncle Joe.


is the podcast of the US correspondent for WELT.

Steffen Schwarzkopf gives a glimpse behind the scenes of Washington's political life and into the America of ordinary people.

At this point, he speaks regularly about what you can't see on TV or the web.

And about the not always easy family life with his wife Julia and the children Til and Jette.

But of course there is always a man who Steffen likes to call "my president".

So about Donald Trump.

Because as a US correspondent you just can't get around him.

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