Frank Masmeijer may hear on February 9 whether he can get out of the Belgian prison early.

The date is still uncertain because many things are postponed due to the corona crisis, but the former presenter is eagerly looking forward to it, although he does not yet know what his life will look like afterwards.

In conversation with

De Telegraaf

, Masmeijer, who was sentenced in June 2019 to a nine-year prison sentence for involvement in drug trafficking, says that he is currently on corona leave.

"The detainees who do not pose a risk of flight are temporarily allowed to serve their sentence at home. That tastes like more, that freedom. Together with my girlfriend Anita Oostingh I want to start a new, positive life."

The former presenter does not yet know what that new life should look like.

He may return to the Netherlands, but that would have consequences for the friendships and family ties he has in Belgium.

"There are two choices I can make. That I will definitely return to the Netherlands and get rid of everything, but then I am no longer allowed to enter Belgian territory. Or I will stay in Belgium and have my conditions here. Then I have to work here and I get guidance from the state to rebuild something. "

Masmeijer is celebrating its sixtieth birthday this year and hopes to remain healthy for years to come.

"I will eventually go back to work. That is not bad, because I have never been afraid to roll up my sleeves. People do not have to find me pitiful. Hospitality always continues to attract me, in the Netherlands or perhaps somewhere. abroad."