Chinese New Year on the spot: Use the warmth of home to blow away the nostalgia of "beating workers"

【Economy Interface】 

"If you have money but no money, go home for the New Year."

However, this year's Spring Festival is not ordinary, and it has become a new initiative for in-situ Chinese New Year.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other seven departments issued a notice to carry out the special action "Welcome the New Year and Bring Warmth and Stabilize Jobs to Retain Workers" across the country from January 21 to the end of March to encourage and guide migrant workers and other migrant workers to stay in employment Happy Chinese New Year.

The short video delivery of blessings allows family members to "online reunion" across time and space; the new year red envelopes added on the salary card send joy and heart; cultural and custom activities enter the community, so that outsiders can experience the familiar hometown culture; various forms of consumption coupons , The travel voucher conveys the sincerity and surprise that the local government hopes to "stay".

New Year's Eve on the spot, the "New Year" flavor is stronger, and the warmth remains unchanged.

1. "Vaccination" for "difficult rework"

  Why encourage local Chinese New Year?

The prevention and control of the epidemic is of course the first reason.

  For many people, the Spring Festival in 2021 may be different.

The domestic epidemic is showing a situation of intertwined and superimposed epidemics with multiple spreads and local clusters. The task of "preventing foreign imports and internal defenses against rebound" is still arduous.

The winter temperature this year is low, and now it is the coldest season of the year, which is conducive to the survival of the new coronavirus.

  Zhao Wen, deputy director of the Population Economics Research Office of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that reducing the flow of people can effectively reduce the spread of the epidemic. Therefore, the local Chinese New Year has become an "optional" for responding to the epidemic in the New Year of the Ox. The positive meaning of is self-evident.

Reducing large-scale population movements can not only control the risk of epidemic transmission, but also make the resumption of work and production after the holiday smoother.

"To celebrate the New Year on the spot, waiting for the epidemic to pass, it may be a good option for the government to organize enterprises to make up for the holidays in an orderly manner."

  "Rather than returning home to isolate for 14 days, it is better to stay in Su and earn more than four to five thousand!" "Going home is a risk, and the wallet will be flat! Staying in the company during the New Year, family affection will not be reduced!" ... In many places across the country, creative slogans Show full sincerity.

  “Employees who are willing to stay for the Chinese New Year can enjoy double wages in February and have the opportunity to receive a 500 yuan Spring Festival full attendance award.” In Zhejiang, Zhuji Black Cat Shen Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. released a series of attracting employees from other provinces to stay The company's New Year's incentive measures have received positive responses, and 80% of employees plan to "not leave."

  A few days ago, the Digital 100 Data Research Institute conducted a survey on "Chinese New Year in situ". As many as 76% of the respondents said they would "consider", 17% said they would "don't consider it, they would go home for the New Year", and 7% said "it is hard to say" .

  Recall that after the Spring Festival last year, the epidemic factor made it difficult to rework, and many factories and enterprises were slow to resume work.

Moreover, in recent years, the "labor shortage" around the Spring Festival has become more and more common, and many companies also hope to provide a "vaccination" for employees to rework after the holiday this year.

  "After the Spring Festival last year, when many companies resumed work and production, even if employees were in place, because the industrial chain could not be connected across the entire chain, some companies in the middle and downstream links of the industrial chain were in a dilemma. When the epidemic was severe last year, the labor-intensive provinces on the eastern coast were resuming work. A lot of work has been done to resume production, including chartered cars, chartered shuttles, etc., but the 14-day quarantine is still inevitable, and the time and economic costs are not low." Zhao Wen said.

  "The benefits brought by the Chinese New Year in situ to the whole society are very obvious." Zhao Wen said that from a small perspective, in some economically good areas, many businesses and enterprises residents and employees hope to continue to operate during the Spring Festival holiday, and form a kind of Atmosphere.

On a large scale, stabilizing the supply chain of the industrial chain and keeping the national economy running at a high level can recover the losses caused by the epidemic last year as much as possible.

From a risk perspective, once a large-scale movement of people brings about a large-scale spread of the epidemic, the losses caused are particularly huge.

  To this end, in order to promote local Chinese New Year, reward systems have been introduced in many places across the country.

Distributing "retention red envelopes", improving dining conditions, arranging cultural tourism activities, organizing training for remaining employees, visiting employees’ hometowns to visit their families... Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the "About Encouraging Retained Employees to Stable Production The “Notice on Ensuring the "Good Start" of the High Quality of the Economy" introduced a series of policy measures to encourage localities and enterprises to retain employees and stabilize production during the Spring Festival, to ensure the smooth flow of the industrial chain and supply chain, and to promote the high quality of the economy.

  Liu Fan, an associate professor at the School of Economics of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that celebrating the New Year on the spot is about personal safety and health, and even more about the overall situation of national epidemic prevention.

Objectively speaking, in-situ New Year's Eve has a significant positive external effect, which means that under the background of the epidemic, this kind of behavior is beneficial to oneself and the people, and is conducive to the promotion of public interests and social welfare. The government should provide subsidies, provide adequate guarantees, and implement classified policies to make local New Year has become a conscious action and rational choice of the public.

Many local governments plan to issue a series of benefits for the local Chinese New Year, such as "post red envelopes", "flexible vacations", and "free local travel". Such "warm policies" can win the hearts of the people.

2. Local Chinese New Year "warm" New Year service "sufficient"

  Chinese New Year on the spot, you can still have a festive and lively New Year.

It is understood that a large wave of cultural activities to welcome the new year with various forms and rich contents will be launched in various places.

  There are more than 1,100 employees from other provinces working in enterprises in the park of Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province.

In the face of the upcoming Spring Festival, in addition to raising the standard and quality of meals, distributing holiday packages, and calculating salaries for overtime work, local commerce, parks and other departments have also worked with broadcasting and television network companies to prepare "delicious and delicious food" for these foreign visitors in advance. "The spirit of "feast", let them stay at ease.

  There are still more than 20 days before the Spring Festival. The Broadcasting and Television Network Company prepared cultural "food" for the enterprises in the park early. In addition to 80 basic TV programs, it also gave free 60 sets of local cultural and entertainment programs, covering variety shows, drama, rule of law, health and health. And so on, the content is very rich.

  "Considering that the employees come from different parts of the world, with different languages, customs, and appreciation levels, we have differentiated the layout of the programs. For example, the Xiqu channel considers dialects and types of dramas, such as Henan Bangzi, Suzhou Pingtan, etc. North. Employees prefer language programs, and the Southern region prefers local dramas, and they can all be satisfied.” said Liu Liping, the person in charge of Broadcasting Network.

  Xie Bin, assistant to the general manager of Tongming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is from Loudi, Hunan. He is a fan of flower drum opera and is very satisfied with the arrangement of the show. He said: "I am a stranger in a foreign land, and I miss my family every holiday season. During the Spring Festival this special day. Hearing the familiar melody on the screen can also relieve the nostalgia!"

  The Fujian Provincial Federation of Trade Unions launched the "Eight Ones" heart-warming service consisting of an initiative, a consultation, a condolences, a batch of New Year's goods, a New Year's Eve dinner, a surrounding tour, a set of health services, and a series of cultural and sports activities; Chengdu, Sichuan, launched the “Perfect and Perfect” online interactive activity, which is suitable for the whole family to enjoy the Spring Festival culture in the “cloud”; some communities in Beijing provide residents with affordable services such as home delivery, traditional cultural performances, and Chinese knots with Chinese couplets...full The full "New Year" activities have escalated the fun of the New Year on the spot, with endless surprises.

  “Many migrant workers are not used to celebrating the New Year in the place where they work. To allow them to stay at ease for the New Year, the cultural activities and safeguards of the local government should be put in place in time.” Zhao Wen believes that firstly, businesses should be encouraged to stop business during the Spring Festival and let them stop. Outsiders have something to do and a place to play.

Second, we must arrange cultural and entertainment activities during the Spring Festival as early as possible to create a warm atmosphere for the local Chinese New Year.

Third, we must actively care for the left-behind elderly and children in their hometown during the New Year, and do a good job of comforting them so that they can spend a good year without more relatives, so that family members outside can stay at ease.

Fourth, we must scientifically plan to ensure the supply of materials during the holiday period, so that enterprises can formulate plans for shifting peaks and rest periods during the Spring Festival to take the lead and grab the schedule.

Fifth, we must coordinate companies and employees to arrange vacation visits at a suitable time after the holiday.

Sixth, we must help enterprises to coordinate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and guide enterprises to scientifically formulate production plans around the Spring Festival.

Seventh, it is necessary to increase policy support, reduce labor costs for enterprises during the Spring Festival, and arrange funds to support key enterprises in recruiting workers and stabilizing jobs and production.

"These measures are all necessary'red envelopes' for stability and stability. Local government departments need to strengthen information sharing, coordinate measures, and do a good job in helping enterprises."

  Liu Rensheng, a native of Jinshi Township in Suichuan, Jiangxi Province, plans to stay in Quanzhou, Fujian for the New Year.

Quanzhou recently proposed that for qualified non-Quanzhou enterprise union members, after review and confirmation, they can apply for New Year’s red envelopes online at a standard of 200 yuan per person, and provide appropriate holiday subsidies, free bus rides, and exemption from state-owned Class A Tickets for tourist attractions.

For enterprise employees of non-Quanzhou families with difficulties, a one-off subsidy of 1,000 yuan will be given to each household.

  "It is necessary to mobilize social forces, attach importance to humanistic care, and relieve the worries of local Chinese New Year." Liu Fan said that returning home for the New Year is not only a traditional custom, but also a rare opportunity for family reunion.

Governments at all levels should attach great importance to humanistic care, mobilize social volunteer forces, and take care of the life of special groups such as left-behind elderly and children, so that those who stay in a foreign country for the New Year can rest assured.

3. Keep people with your heart, and make foreign writers hometown

  A few days ago, the New Citizen Affairs Center of Changshu City, Jiangsu Province issued a notice to increase the points for new citizens’ enrollment. In 2021, the new citizen’s points enrollment will be added to every new citizen applicant who "will not return home during the Spring Festival in Changshu" The score is 30 points.

  As soon as the policy was introduced, it caused widespread heated discussion.

For foreigners in a city, whether to celebrate the New Year on the spot as a guest or as a family member or host is the key to testing whether a city can truly warm people's hearts.

  At present, it is gradually becoming a trend for migrant workers to choose nearby employment.

Under the influence of the epidemic, this situation was particularly prominent last year.

According to the calculations of the Institute of Population of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, there will be more than 17 million more returning migrant workers in 2020 than in 2019.

  How a city retains "skilled workers" for a long time requires not only "red envelopes", but also the "inclusiveness" of the city.

The current accident of proposing to celebrate the New Year in situ due to the epidemic may be a window for many cities to show their future attractiveness.

Lower the threshold for settlement and balance public services...a city needs to bring home the new year to those "outsiders", and use the warmth of home to dispel the nostalgia of "foreigners".

  "Can migrant workers turn their backs on their customers and treat the city as their home? This requires the joint efforts of the workers and the city. First, government departments and various units and enterprises must ensure the income of migrant workers during the festival. Second, ensure that migrant workers live in. It is guaranteed that if migrant workers are allowed to spend a large sum of the money they have saved for a year to pay rent, it will be difficult to retain them. Finally, migrant workers’ businesses, communities and relevant departments must Actively create a home atmosphere for migrant workers. Some migrant workers did not intend to spend the New Year in the city, so they may not be prepared in many ways. The unit and community should effectively help migrant workers solve some practical problems that may be encountered in the New Year in the city. Only In this way, migrant workers can truly spend a peaceful year in the city with the mentality of their masters. Perhaps starting from this Spring Festival this year, the city will become the real home of migrant workers." Liu Junsheng, Director of the Salary Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security Sciences Say.

  Zhao Wen said that in the long run, China is in the middle of urbanization, and more and more migrant workers will settle down in the future.

"As a foreigner, I have experienced the changes during the Spring Festival in Beijing over the past ten years. There are more and more people staying in Beijing for the New Year. It can be said that the local Chinese New Year will become a trend."

  The "labor shortage" during the Spring Festival has become a normal phenomenon, and the early return to home during the epidemic has undoubtedly made the "labor shortage" worse.

"Solving the'employment shortage' requires both symptoms and root causes." Liu Fan pointed out that in the short term, companies can improve the welfare of left-behind employees during the Spring Festival and establish a reserve pool of "short-term workers", advocating local Chinese New Year as an emergency palliative strategy; It can be seen that based on the integrated development of urban and rural areas, deepening the reform of the urban-rural dual system such as household registration, housing, medical care, and enrollment, so that the place of employment can truly become the place of permanent residence and emotional belonging for employees. This is the long-term solution.