Governor Julie Payette announced her resignation in Ottawa on January 21.

She thus became the first Governor-General to resign since the founding of the Canadian Federation.

  Canadian media disclosed in late July last year that since Payette took office as Governor, he and his old friend and secretary Di Lorenzo have repeatedly insulted and verbally bullied the staff of the Governor's House.

The report even described the existence of a "toxic" working atmosphere in the Government House.

The Privy Council of Canada commissioned a private organization in September to conduct an independent investigation into the work of the Governor's Secretary's Office.

  Payette made this decision after an independent investigation report confirmed the existence of a bullying atmosphere in the Government House.

She said at the beginning of her resignation statement that everyone has the right to a healthy and safe working environment at all times and under any circumstances, which does not always seem to be the case in the Governor’s Office.

She expressed regret about this.

  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau later issued a statement stating that he had received Payette's resignation.

The statement did not express gratitude or appreciation for Payette’s work. It only emphasized that all Canadian government employees have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment.

  Canadian media reported that Payette’s secretary Lorenzo also resigned with her.

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