On the evening of January 20, a six-year-old child in Chongqing fell into the ventilation shaft of the community at a depth of ten meters.

After receiving the alarm, the Dadukou District Fire Rescue Detachment quickly dispatched the rescue.

After the fire rescue personnel arrived, they found that the child had fallen to the bottom of the ventilation shaft about 10 meters from the ground on the first floor.

The child started to cry loudly when he heard the firefighters shout.

"Don't be afraid, kids, we will get down right away." While comforting the children, the rescuers went down to the well to rescue.

  After reaching the bottom of the well, the rescuers first checked the child's injury. After confirming that the child was not in danger of life, the two rescuers carried the child onto the fire rescue stretcher.

After the child was firmly fixed on the stretcher, everyone began to work together to slowly pull the stretcher out of the well.

  At present, the child has been sent to the hospital for treatment without life threatening. The cause of the fall is still under investigation.

  (Video source from Chongqing Dadukou Fire Rescue Team Editor Jia Nan)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]