The book Sagolandet is for everyone has led to strong reactions from Hungary's right - wing nationalist government, and now they are demanding a warning text on the cover, as the book contains LGBTQ characters.

The book publishers respond by suing politicians for discrimination.

And the politicians' involvement in the culture has had the exact opposite effect: the book sells like hot cakes.

"Ever since a politician ran the book through a shredder, interest in the book has exploded," says Dorottya Rédai, project manager at the LGBTQ organization Labrisz, which published the storybook.

Together with another LGBTQ activist group, Hatter, they now intend to sue the government for the requirement for a warning text, which they believe is discriminatory.

- The book has a message about diversity and tolerance for differences, but we are accused of corrupting children, she says.

See how the children's book became a protest symbol in the video above.