Rapper Cheetah (31, real name Kim Eun-young), who was in a public relationship, and director and actor Nam Yeon-woo (39) broke up.

On the 21st, Cheetah's agency, Daeda Entertainment, admitted the breakup saying, "It is correct that the cheetah broke up with Nam Yeon-woo." Nam Yeon-woo's management company, Lake Company, also said, "Nam Yeon-woo recently broke up with Cheetah and decided to remain a good friend."

The reason for the separation between the two was not clear, but it is known that due to the busy schedule, they became estranged and naturally followed the separation procedure.

In December 2018, the two officially recognized their dating and developed love as a public couple in the entertainment industry. In particular, Cheetah made her screen debut by appearing as a female protagonist in the movie ``Super-Beautiful Interests'' directed by Nam Yeon-woo, and last year also appeared in MBC entertainment ``If you envy, you lose''.

However, the two recently organized their relationship for about three years and returned to the entertainment industry.

Cheetah debuted in 2010 and appeared in Mnet's'Unpretty Rapstar' in 2015 and gained fame. Since then, in addition to music, he has been active in various fields such as entertainment, MC, and acting.

Nam Yeon-woo debuted in the 2010 movie ``Speak Your Heart,'' and appeared in ``Suspect X,'' ``Prickly Flower,'' ``Catch Me,'' and ``Champion''. In 2017, he made his debut as a director while directing the movie'Makeup'.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)