In a column published Tuesday, several doctors and medical associations call for ensuring a sufficient supply of vitamin D to the population, recalling that several studies have shown that this vitamin makes it possible to reduce the severity of certain symptoms in the event of infection.

The coronavirus has poisoned our lives for over a year.

While vaccination began nearly a month ago - some 500,000 French people received the first injection - and scientists are still looking for an effective treatment once the symptoms of the disease appear, here is a old remedy resurfaces, a very simple drug given to children up to 5 years: vitamin D. In a column published Tuesday by

The journalist of the practitioner

, 73 doctors and six associations of doctors launch a call to "supplement the whole of the population in vitamin D "preventively, believing that this could" contribute to reducing the infection "of Covid-19.

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Not a miracle cure

A large Norwegian study of nearly 70,000 people had already linked the consumption of cod liver oil, rich in vitamin D, and the reduction in Covid-19 infections.

Since then, several studies have ensured that vitamin D would limit the cytokine storm, responsible for severe cases of the coronavirus.

Be careful, this is not a miracle cure but one more means, alongside barrier gestures, to fight against Covid-19.  

"We know that it is useful for boosting the immune system, and we realized that being deficient in vitamin D is a risk factor in the face of Covid", underlines with Europe 1 David de Ladoucette, geriatrician at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.


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40 to 50% of the French population lack vitamin D, and this figure rises to 80% in people over 70 years old.

Vitamin D is found in food, milk, eggs, fish, but also in sunlight.

And as it is sorely lacking in winter, the signatories of this appeal recommend a prescription from your attending physician to more easily reduce these deficiencies.