The design of the memorial monument to be installed at the facility for the intellectually disabled in Sagamihara City, where 19 people were killed, has been decided.

The monument will have a space to put the names of the victims, and the prefecture will confirm its intention to put the names on the bereaved families in the future.

At Tsukui Yamayurien, a facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Sagamihara City, where 19 people were killed, a monument will be set up to commemorate the victims along with the reconstruction of the facility. The design has been published.

In the design, the message "Living together" is engraved in the center of the 1.8-meter-diameter water mirror.

In addition to engraving 19 pictures of golden-rayed lilies, the flower stand also has a space for the names of the 19 victims.

The prefecture will confirm the intentions of the bereaved family as to whether or not to list their names in the future.

Also, near the monument, there will be a monument engraved with the details of the incident and a vow that the incident will not be weathered, and it is scheduled to be completed by July.

Tomoo Takahashi, chief of the Prefectural Disability Service Division, said, "The design incorporates the opinions of the bereaved family and local people to the maximum extent. I want them to be used in various ways such as school education."