Social media users and well-known influencers are harshly criticizing Youtube star Vlad Reiser after he posted a video where he reviews young girls' Tiktok videos.

In the clip, he says that he will assess and rate the girls' "sexual behavior", which he also does on a ten-point scale that ranges from "dad's angel" to "haram", the Arabic word for sin.

“I check, judge and rate the girls' sexual behavior on Tiktok.

I know it's taboo, that's exactly why I do it, "he explained on Instagram.

Massive storm of criticism

The storm of criticism that followed was massive, and Reiser's field of comments was filled with appalled followers who reacted to what they considered to be objectification of and sexism against minors.

Vlad Reiser has now removed the clip and instead published an apology in which he explains that he tried to make a video "from a humorous perspective".

Has previously competed in the Melodifestivalen

"I do not stand for what I said in the video to 100 percent.

As usual in my videos, I try to joke about it, but I realize that it was distasteful and old-fashioned of me to joke in the way I did ", he says.

Vlad Reiser's Youtube channel has about half a million subscribers.

He has previously also competed in the Melodifestivalen and had his own program on the children's channel Nickelodeon.