The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) would be open to a "duty of confidentiality" in local public transport in order to further combat the pandemic in Germany.

"We would support that very strongly," said association president Ingo Wortmann on Wednesday on Deutschlandfunk.

He was in favor of a telephone ban, he added.

Because there are passengers who pull down the mouth and nose protection in vehicles and subway stations to make calls.

There is already a ban on telephoning in local public transport in Spain; in the Balearic Islands the regional government has recommended not to speak in public transport.

Wortmann admitted that the measure against the spread of aerosols would be helpful, but “difficult to control”.

He would rely on the common sense of people not to use the phone to protect others.

The federal and state governments decided on Tuesday evening that medical surgical masks or the particularly protective FFP2 masks should be worn in public transport.

They waived a previously discussed pure FFP2 obligation in buses and trains, against which the association had warned.

There were concerns that not enough masks were available or that people could not afford the more expensive FFP2 masks, explained Wortmann.

In Bavaria, however, such an FFP2 obligation has been in place since Monday.

In Munich it was "so far very lightly," said the VDV President.

“My concern has dissipated.” There were “no major escalations” during ticket controls.

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