China News Service, Beijing, January 20 (Chen Hang) Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Education Working Committee and spokesperson for the Municipal Education Commission, said at a press conference on the 20th that from January 23, all middle school students in Beijing will no longer be there Schools, the relevant final work is completed online; from January 23, the city’s training institutions will suspend all offline training and collective activities; from January 21, the city’s kindergartens will implement quiet garden management.

  Li Yi pointed out that according to the existing work arrangements, the city’s primary schools have already had winter vacation on January 16th, and the first and second grades will start winter vacation on January 23 (this Saturday).

According to the adjusted arrangement, all other grades of middle schools in the city (including junior third, senior one, senior two, senior three) will complete all offline education and teaching activities for students at the end of the semester before January 23, January 23 (this Saturday ), all students will no longer come to school, and relevant final work will be completed online.

  Li Yi said that the city’s kindergartens are currently closed and there are some custody services. Considering the requirements of epidemic prevention and the characteristics of children, custody services are no longer provided. From January 21 (tomorrow), the management of quiet gardens will be implemented.

Relevant business departments, from January 23 (this Saturday), the city's training institutions will suspend all offline training and collective activities.

  At the same time, colleges and universities continue to adhere to relatively closed management, keep school gates well, and guide teachers and students to insist on not going out of Beijing unless necessary, not leaving the country unless necessary, not gathering unless necessary, and not going to medium- and high-risk areas.

Wear masks scientifically and do morning, afternoon and evening inspections; at the same time, special efforts should be made to strengthen campus environmental sanitation, food safety management, and logistics staff management to improve the level of campus service security; all colleges and universities will not hold gathering activities.

Secondary vocational schools shall be implemented in accordance with the management requirements of primary and secondary schools.

  Li Yi said that after primary and secondary school and kindergarten students leave school, the campus implements quiet school management, and the school must do a good job in daily inspections and on duty.

Schools in all districts should provide guidance for students’ home life during the winter vacation, organize teachers to effectively conduct online home visits and "one-on-one" student talks, fully understand the growth environment and ideological trends of students, and enhance communication and cooperation between home and school; Do a good job in guiding students' home life and mental health education.

During the winter vacation, the school should arrange winter homework reasonably and not carry out online teaching activities.