Includes works of digital origin

Art Gallery launches a virtual gallery

Eva and Franjeeco Matisse, My Little Big Data, 2019. Video, audio.

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The Art Gallery at New York University Abu Dhabi announced the opening of the first virtual exhibition entitled "Not from, in, on, or to the line", which will continue until July 10, and the exhibition highlights a new concept of contemporary art that depends on virtual technologies and its importance, especially in light of Conditions caused by the "Covid-19" virus.

Under the curatorship of the curators, Executive Director of the Art Gallery at NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Abu Dhabi faculty member Maya Allison, and artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, the exhibition includes four new assignments and 14 other artworks.

The exhibition will feature digital works, consisting of a selection of new assignments, and artwork by artists who use technology to express themselves, to showcase the restrictions and freedoms that technology provides.

In her new artwork, the artist Sau Fei uses augmented reality to create an imaginary friend to interact with her son in reality, and Lee Blallock continues the "Cyborg Diaries" series, where she brought the hybrid character between human and machine to the time of "Covid-19".

Adi Wagenect is exploring an educational program about makeup on the YouTube platform, to use it to teach cybersecurity in a fun and smooth way, with a special focus on recent events in the United States.

- Four new assignments in the exhibition "Not from, on, on, or on line."

The exhibition will feature works by artists who use technology to express themselves.

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