Amid the tightness of beds due to the spread of the new coronavirus, officers of the Prefectural Hospital Association attended the prefectural assembly of Kanagawa Prefecture, and in order to increase the number of beds that accept corona patients He said he needed a support mechanism for another hospital to accept.

On the 19th, Vice Chairman Kaoru Nagahori of the Prefectural Hospital Association attended the committee of the prefectural assembly.

Vice Chairman Nagahori explained that some corona patients could not be discharged due to medical treatment or rehabilitation even after their symptoms had subsided, and the patient's bed was not immediately available, and accepted the transfer of these patients. He said it was important to increase the number of hospitals.

However, since many hospitals are reluctant to accept patients, Vice Chairman Nagahori urged the national and prefectural governments to urgently create a system such as financial support for hospitals that accept transfers.

After the committee, Vice Chairman Nagahori said, "Hospitals that treat corona patients have already increased their beds to the last minute. Especially elderly patients often need to be hospitalized even after their symptoms have subsided. I would like to ask for your support so that you can cooperate with medical treatment type hospitals. "