More than 80,000 "express delivery boys" were vaccinated against the new crown. The number of people vaccinated against the city's new crown has reached 1.7 million

  News from our newspaper (reporter Jiang Ruojing) Starting from January 1 this year, the city has fully launched the new crown virus vaccination work for key populations. At present, there are 205 vaccination sites in the city. As of 24:00 on January 16, the city has 170 Ten thousand people have been vaccinated.

Recently, the Municipal Vaccination Working Group has coordinated Meituan and platforms with the municipal commerce and postal departments to organize "Takeaway Brothers" and "Express Delivery Brothers" to carry out the new crown vaccination work, based on the previous completion of 50,000 vaccination. As of yesterday, about 30,000 people have been vaccinated.

  Yesterday morning, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily visited the temporary vaccination spot in Qigu Community, Tiantan Xili, Tiantan Street, Dongcheng District.

At around 8:30, there are already many takeaway boys in rider uniforms waiting in line outside the vaccination spot for vaccination.

According to Qin Zhiyi, deputy director of the Dongcheng District Health Commission, according to relevant arrangements, this temporary vaccination site undertook the vaccination work for 277 take-out brothers yesterday.

  The temporary vaccination site is divided into several areas. According to the vaccination process, the young guys first register their personal information in the registration waiting area at the door, and then check whether there are any contraindications to vaccination. After signing the vaccination informed consent form, they can enter the vaccination room for vaccination.

After the vaccination, in the observation room next to him, each young man must stay on the spot for 30 minutes. There are medical rescue personnel to patrol the scene. If the young man finds unwell, he can report to the medical staff in time.

After staying for 30 minutes, the little buddies can leave the scene.

  The takeaway brother Zhang Weipeng was one of the members who participated in the vaccination yesterday morning. He usually delivers takeaways in Tiantongyuan and Lishuiqiao areas. He runs 150 kilometers a day and can deliver up to 40 orders.

Knowing that the company organizes vaccination for everyone, he immediately signed up, "Vaccination not only protects us, but also reassures customers. Of course, we must fight."

  Zhang Weipeng is a native of Shanxi. He has decided not to go home for the New Year this year and stay in Beijing to deliver food. "I just returned home during the National Day holiday last year. I will find time to go back after the Spring Festival this year." Zhang Weipeng said that food delivery in Beijing has already followed Many customers have become friends. Everyone is very busy near the Spring Festival. They can run errands and help a little.

"I have thought about it. I will finish work a little earlier in the afternoon on New Year's Eve, buy some delicious food and bring it back to the dormitory, video with my family, and wish each other a happy New Year." After signing the informed consent form, Zhang Weipeng entered the vaccination room and exposed his left arm. After the inoculation was completed, I went to the observation room for 30 minutes observation.

  According to Dang Hong, the senior director of the Meituan Security Affairs Department, in accordance with relevant arrangements, Meituan has organized the first batch of takeaway brothers to carry out vaccination work in the early stage. 10,600 people have been vaccinated. This is the second batch specially organized. More than 7000 takeaway boys signed up.

  It is understood that since the city started the new crown virus vaccination work for key populations on January 1, 2021, the city has operated 205 vaccination points, equipped with more than 8,700 vaccination personnel, and organized 66 municipal emergency vaccination teams.

As of 24:00 on January 16, 2021, 1.7 million people in the city have received vaccination.

Among them, for the "Brother Express Delivery" and "Brother Takeaway", this city has completed the vaccination of about 30,000 people as of yesterday on the basis of the 50,000 people vaccinated in the early stage.