Season 7 of "Skam France" features Tiffany, a new character since season 6 -

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For three years,

Skam France

has been there with not one but two seasons, in January and in April.

Seasons 5 and 6 were also new, since the series has taken off and is no longer an adaptation of the original and Norwegian format.

The same goes for the new and seventh season, the first moment of which went live on Monday at 8:53 am.

As a reminder, the series is experienced "in real time", before returning to the entire episode on Friday at 6 pm.

As revealed in the teaser and to the surprise of fans, season 7 is devoted to Tiffany, a character introduced last season and presented rather as an antagonist to Lola.

A nasty ".

Except that nothing is all black or all white, as the first few minutes when we find Tiffany thoughtful, extinct, at the bus stop prove it.

We understand that she was absent from high school for a while, a story of "appendicitis", even if it suffices to have seen the teaser, or Tiff's insistent gaze on a baby, to understand that there is has more to discover.

No spoiler, the rest is to be discovered very quickly.

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