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Liv Tyler is not the type to talk about her intimacy on social media.

But the

Lord of the Rings


, who is slowly recovering from two difficult weeks after catching Covid-19 at the end of last year, wanted to give herself up to warn her fellow citizens and her fans.

“I tested positive for Covid-19 on New Year's Day. I had managed to hold out until 2020, ensuring my safety and that of my family.

I did all I could to protect my clan and follow the rules to protect others.

Suddenly, on the morning of the last day of 2020… boom, it got me.

And it hit me all at once, like a locomotive.


With the disease, feelings of fear, shame and guilt come over you, you wonder who you could have caught it and who you could have infected ... Terrifying.

Fortunately, the rest of my family and my bubble were negative, ”she captioned a photo where she appears, masked, giving her children a huge hug.

Nailed to the ground

If she recovered, apparently without serious after-effects, Liv Tyler believes that it is essential to take the full measure of the problem so that the population, especially in the United States where she was born and in the United Kingdom where she lives , two of the worst-affected countries, can make a comeback.

“There are so many strange elements to this disease.

It affects everyone in such a different way.

I was very lucky and had the "corona light" (…) but it stuck me in bed for ten days.

There are the physical aspects, but also the emotional and psychological aspects of this disease (…) I am so grateful to have come out of it and I spend my days alone praying and showing love to all those affected and who suffer from it.

Those who work tirelessly to protect us and take care of others.

Thank you.

We are all bound by this experience, ”added the star, clearly moved by this ordeal.


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