Spain faces the third wave of the pandemic in the worst possible conditions.

With a government that washes its hands, with communities that do not have sufficient legal instruments to apply the necessary restrictions and with a health system once again on the brink of collapse.

Added to this is the lack of a national vaccination plan, which is preventing progress at the speed advised by the goal of herd immunization.

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omiciliary, despite the fact that some regional governments already demand it.

The inhibition of the Executive, added to the effort not to modify the strategy despite the vertiginous increase in infections, is causing chaos that prevents slowing down the transmission of the virus and contributes to social indiscipline to the extent that citizens lack clear and coherent regulations .

It is not acceptable, at this point, that the Government pleads in the Supreme Court with an autonomous executive, in this case, that of Castilla y León (PP-Cs), for the setting of the curfew time.

The same minister who imposed the state of alarm in the Community of Madrid is unacceptable, with an accumulated incidence lower than that which now plagues the whole of the country, this time he takes cover in subterfuge to continue to drain the bulk.

The lack of political determination of the Sánchez government, in addition to its sectarianism, is alarming and leads the country to serious health consequences.

Proof of them is the judicialization of the shocks that are being maintained by Health and the Autonomous Communities.

The insurrection of the Castilian-Leonese president, Alfonso Fernández-Mañueco, supported by the PP, is justified insofar as it is absurd that Illa - minister and candidate at the same time - blocks the decision to advance the curfew at 8:00 p.m.

Moreno Bonilla and Urkullu are some of the regional presidents who have asked to reform the alarm decree that the Government approved around the summer and that expires in May.

It is a legal framework that expired a few days after entering into force.

Sánchez chose this route to evade parliamentary control and endorse regional administrations the wear and tear of the third wave.

The result is a complete mismanagement that only aggravates the impact of a cumulative incidence of 575, the highest of the pandemic.

This obscene mess can be extrapolated to the vaccination campaign.

After the fanfare of the first injected doses, an uneven process has taken place and marked by uncertainty in the receipt of deliveries by Pfizer.

Galicia and the Valencian Community are already administering the second dose of this vaccine, while Díaz Ayuso has already asked the Government to negotiate with the companies through the EU to guarantee the shipment of sufficient doses in order to speed up vaccination.

Both third wave and vaccine management suffer from clear and harmonized planning.

Sánchez and Illa must stand up and assume their responsibilities.

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