China News Service, Beijing, January 17 (Reporter Gao Kai) The first domestic documentary film "Wuhan Day and Night" will be officially screened here on January 22. The film has its special premiere on the 16th.

  The documentary film "Wuhan Day and Night" was shot by 30 photographers from the war against the epidemic.

The film once again led the audience back to Wuhan a year ago with a realistic and restrained lens language. The whole film did not use a voiceover or write a line.

  The film takes the medical staff and patients in the intensive care unit of the hospital at the forefront of the epidemic as the main line, and uses the late-night pregnant women to transport volunteers as a secondary line. Warm story of difficulties.

  Zhou Xun, a well-known actor who sang the theme song "You are so good" for "Wuhan Day and Night", explained the connotation of "it is good to have you" in his heart through the moving moments of the epidemic that day-it is to respect life and learn Thanksgiving, love echoes.

"I am very happy to have the opportunity to sing this song. It is really touching to listen to this song after watching the movie. People help each other. It's great to have you. I hope everyone will continue to each other for many years to come. The spirit and emotion of helping.” Zhou Xun said.

  At the scene, the documentary film "Wuhan Day and Night" also exposed the ending song "All of All" MV and sonic version poster for the first time.

The song "All of All" was written, composed and sung by musician Chang Shilei. It is a great honor for Chang Shilei to participate in the film "Wuhan Day and Night" in this way: "This is a real and powerful documentary film. Let "All of All" express more things and become more warm."

Photo courtesy of Zhou Xun organizer

  It is worth mentioning that Cao Jinling, the director of "Wuhan Day and Night", specially invited 30 photographers of the film to complete the production of this ending song MV with her, showing more precious images from the front line of the war.

  In this special program, the main creator of the documentary film "Wuhan Day and Night" specially held an interactive connection between Beijing and Wuhan.

The representatives of the film photography team were invited to return to the shooting location in Wuhan, witnessing the empty city that was once pressed the "pause button", now it has once again become a world of fireworks, exuding warmth and vitality.

  At the premiere, Cao Yin, the producer of "Wuhan Day and Night" and director of the Film Channel Program Center, also donated film copies to the China Film Museum.

This record of that special day and night in Wuhan will also serve as a common memory for people in 2020 and be permanently included in the collection.

Cao Yin said that as the first anti-epidemic movie released in theaters in China, "Wuhan Day and Night" hopes that the audience will not only relive the touching days and nights of Wuhan's anti-epidemic, but more importantly, draw the great anti-epidemic spirit from it and capture Shining humanity.

  A few days ago, Film Channel and hundreds of filmmakers jointly launched a large-scale integrated media public welfare viewing event. Up to now, 251 filmmakers have responded positively. They will be in 28 provinces and municipalities in 70 cities across the country. Launched more than 350 public welfare viewings of "Wuhan Day and Night".

  It is reported that "Wuhan Day and Night" is currently on pre-sale and will officially land on the national theaters on January 22.