As the infection spread, the first "university admission common test" was conducted, but at the venue in Tokyo, students who did not wear it properly even if they were repeatedly warned with their noses sticking out of the mask, All grades have been invalidated as cheating.

The National Center for University Entrance Examinations, which conducts the common test, announced that there was cheating by four examinees in the first main examination, which was held on the 16th and 17th.

Of these, at the venue in Tokyo, on the 16th of the first day, one of the examinees who took the exam was wearing a mask but had a nose, so the supervisor took a break six times during the exam. I was careful about the time, but I didn't follow it.

In the 6th time, he said that he would be invalidated at the next caution, but he refused to do so and said that he was cheating in the 7th time because he met the requirement of "not following the instructions of the supervisor at the test site". I was told that I would be certified and all my grades were invalidated.

In this common test, which was conducted amid the spread of infection, candidates are required to always wear masks correctly at the test site in advance.

If it is difficult to wear due to hyperesthesia etc., you can take the examination in a separate room, but since there was no prior declaration from this examinee, the University Entrance Examination Center has been careful many times, and the supervisor's response There was no problem with.

In addition, at a venue in Ibaraki Prefecture, a reduced size of a math reference book was printed, and three people, including an examinee who had a problem, were found to be cheating.