Actor Lee Si-young revealed a day full of food with his son in Taiyaki.

At MBC's'Point of Omniscient Intervention' broadcast on the 16th, Lee Si-young released his son Jung Yoon-i for the first time on the air and drew attention.

Si-young Lee headed for the early morning mountain schedule and told the manager that he couldn't get enough sleep the day before because of his son.

Lee Si-young said, "After going home yesterday, Jung Yoon was standing right in front of the door. (Jung Yoon Lee)'Read me, I'm going to sleep now.' So it took Jung Yoon an hour to sleep."

Accordingly, MC Lee Young-ja asked, "Isn't it amazing that a child is big and resembles me?"

Lee Si-young replied, "But he looks the same as his father," and that his son Jung Yoon is more like her husband than himself.

Lee Si-young married Cho Seung-hyun, a restaurant business in 2017, and gave birth to a son Jeong Yoon-i the following year.

After finishing the mountain schedule from dawn, Lee Si-young returned home and enjoyed a happy time with Jung Yoon.

Lee Si-young and Jung Yoon-i went on to cook back ribs, pizza, and cake together, and the sweet conversation between the two made the bedroom warm.

As if he inherited the DNA of his mother Lee Si-young as it was, Jung Yoon-i showed a unique eating room and lifted the viewers' mouths to a temple.

Above all, Jung Yoon-i's extraordinary vocabulary surprised the MCs.

Jung Yoon-i, who usually reads a lot of books, used a friendly yet sloppy vocabulary that was hard to believe in 35 months, and made the viewers' aunts and uncles wide open.

Siyoung Lee's manager also said, "Jungyoon feels like a vitamin to me," and showed a figure that she fell in love with Jungyoon's healing charm.

Siyoung Lee also introduced a pleasant episode between her husband and son.

Lee Si-young said, "In my own way, my brother also plays a lot, but I fight a lot with Jung Yoon. I get sick. So (one day my husband)'Jung Yoon, this looks delicious. Can I have a dad?'

After eating like this, when Jung Yoon asks,'Why did you eat your own?', the husband said,'Actually, this is what I bought with my father's money.'

Then, "Jungyoon said,'No, my mom bought it,' and my husband said,'My mom bought it, but all I bought with my dad's money. Actually, all the toys were bought by my dad.' At that time, I intervened to stop. Going to the room, the brother also gives an apple, and Jung Yoon is also said to be given," he explained about the husband being childish in front of his son.

MC Jeon Hyun-moo, looking at Jeong Yoon-i, who is cute and good at speaking, exclaimed, "When I saw it, it was the first time that (son) was released on the air. From today on, I think there will be a lot of contact (from the parenting program)."

[Photo = MBC broadcast capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)