[Simultaneous on-site] Today, the borehole inspection consists of three contents, three stages of high-pressure compressor, combustion chamber and turbine. Compared with the previous record, there are three damages in the combustion chamber, two damages in the third stage of the high-pressure compressor, and one-stage high-pressure turbine There is an injury.

  [Explanation] Guo Quanhua, who is engaged in aircraft hole detection, is a senior engineer of the maintenance plant of China Southern Airlines Shenzhen Branch. He has obtained the maintenance qualification certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration and became the first batch of people in China to obtain the FAA license.

A few days ago, Guo Quanhua accepted an exclusive interview with reporters and told about his 29 years of experience in aircraft maintenance.

  [Concurrent] Guo Quanhua, Senior Engineer of Aircraft Maintenance

  What is Kong Tan?

Hole detection is to check the internal structure of the engine through the access hole of the engine under the condition that the engine does not decompose, to determine the actual condition of the engine body.

It's like a doctor using a gastroscope to examine a person's internal organs.

  [Explanation] According to Guo Quanhua's recollection, in August 2009, when he inspected a long-running aircraft engine, he found that the engine's high-pressure turbine was damaged at the second stage, and then the maintenance personnel called out all the records of the hole inspection It was discovered that the damage deteriorated faster and faster over time.

Guo Quanhua realized the seriousness of the problem and immediately reported the situation to his superiors.

  [Concurrent] Guo Quanhua, Senior Engineer of Aircraft Maintenance

  (Injury) may develop to an unacceptable level, and it may completely exceed its limit.

When the limit value is exceeded, the blade will be broken. After breaking, it will disrupt the low-pressure turbine blades behind, which will cause aerial parking. (Leader) arranged for personnel to arrive at Pudong (airport) overnight to conduct hole probes and hole probe inspections. The result confirmed our correct judgment.

We have taken decisive measures at this critical point to avoid serious consequences.

  [Explanation] According to reports, Guo Quanhua has discovered more than 30 major engine damages during more than 20 years in the industry, saving the company hundreds of millions of possible losses.

The specification manual of "V2500 Engine Hole Inspection Operation Process" compiled by him was promoted in all maintenance units of the company in charge of V2500 engine.

  [Concurrent] Guo Quanhua, Senior Engineer of Aircraft Maintenance

  The bureau also affirmed our entire process of handling this matter. The primary responsibility of civil aviation is to ensure your safety. It is the heavy responsibility of civil aviation to deliver every passenger safely. As civil aviation maintenance personnel, we are going all out. Keep the technical safety gates and open air safety channels for passengers.

  (Reporter Wei Jiefu reported from Guangdong)

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