Last month, a woman in her 80s in Kyoto, who was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, was found to have died while looking for a hospital.

According to Kyoto Prefecture, on the 26th of last month, the city's health center contacted Kyoto Prefecture that a woman in her 80s living in Kyoto was infected with the new coronavirus.

In principle, the prefecture has decided to hospitalize elderly people aged 65 and over or patients with underlying illnesses, and coordinated this woman with a medical institution, but could not find a place to accept it. On the 31st, one day later, he died of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus.

Initially, the woman's symptoms were mild, and Kyoto Prefecture said, "We were making adjustments for hospitalization with priority given to patients with severe symptoms. The medical system is tight and we must reduce the number of infected people. If it is difficult to improve the situation, "he said.