The ugly criminal conduct of the Oh family of Y Church in Ansan was revealed.

On the 16th, SBS'I want to know it' featured Pastor Oh's Ansan Y Church under the subtitle'The Human Farm Named Heaven-The Secret of Ansan Y Church'.

Last December, three women in their twenties sued Pastor Oh of Ansan Y Church for sexual exploitation. In particular, they were shocked by claiming that they had been in this church since elementary school, and that they had been imprisoned and raped by Pastor Oh's family.

It was Pastor Oh's service that those who were called'Youngmaek' in the sense of helping their spiritual energy were in charge of the church. And it turned out that Pastor Oh was sexually exploited for spirituality in the name of counseling for obscene crimes and even filmed a video of sexual exploitation. In addition, they argued that Pastor Oh also forced similar sexual acts between mothers and daughters among the congregation.

The expert said, "This place is a place with trust and trust as collateral, and it is doing more ugly things than Room N. You may have false memories through brainwashing like, "Tell me you want." It's an action."

Pastor Oh's side recently released a picture of Pastor Oh and explained that sexual violence is impossible. However, Yeong-maek said, "Because the pastor cannot move, everything was done on the bed." In addition, Pastor Oh explained that he repeatedly told the spirits that he had repented for obscene sins and that the sin of obscene had disappeared.

And it turns out that Pastor Oh did not have his own teeth, so the church members also had to do the absurd job of forcibly picking teeth.

How did Pastor Oh's spiritual vein go to Y Church?

Young-maek said, "I came to church for the first time because my mother was evangelized, but when my parents thought it was better to send them to church than to take care of them," he said.

In fact, before the ugly truth of Y Church was revealed, Y Church was known as a good place to take and do good deeds with children who have difficulty in families.

However, Yeong-maek, who entered the church at a young age in the name of education, gave up school and received training to attend the church as a minister, and what they actually did was housework.

And Pastor Oh and his wife even ordered the spirits to make money that is legally forbidden to children.

He earned money by doing all kinds of side jobs, from folding mask packs to folding shopping bags.

Also, like a nursing care worker, he took care of a pastor, and he was unable to graduate from elementary school without receiving minimal education, let alone homeschooling.

For decades, they were trapped in a church by the lies of Pastor Oh and his wife, and were exploited for sex and labor.

This was not the end of Y Church's ugly appearance.

A line of luxury cars was parked outside Pastor Oh's house, which stands out among the luxury country houses in Ansan.

And in the house, hundreds of expensive watches were on display, and Pastor Oh had gorgeous jewelry that did not match his position as a pastor.

The place where the most donations from the church came in was the water vein.

The water vein, which means people who make donations, was the business tool of the Y Church.

They made money by running tutoring, study rooms, and academies in the Ansan area, all of which were dedicated as donations from the church.

Those who are called Mulmaek said, "90% of the tutoring in Ansan area is tutoring."

And according to the report, the production crew was able to easily find the leaflets all over the Ansan area, and it was confirmed that a church promotional leaflet was also attached around this leaflet.

Study rooms, tutoring, and academies distributed throughout Ansan were first started by the pastor's younger brother.

Knowing that tutoring, etc., can make money, Y Church has made private education a church business in earnest, and expanded its business from tutoring to study rooms and from study rooms to academies to increase income.

However, it turned out that they were expelled as they closed their business, saying it was difficult to operate the academy.

And the instructors who worked at the academy said, "I have never received a salary on time," and said that there were cases in which they reported to the Ministry of Employment and Labor because they did not receive the tutor fee properly.

Also, warnings about this academy were posted on the bulletin boards in nearby universities.

Moo-hyuk, who was the vice-president of the academy run by Y Church, said that people who basically earn a monthly income of 3 million won to 7 million won.

However, they explained that even though they made so much money, they were unable to meet the promised donation, so they continued to accumulate debt, such as using loans per day and even borrowing money from parents.

At the golden gathering organized by Pastor Oh's wife, the goal was to humiliate those who did not meet the promised amount.

In this place, they assaulted each other and gave each other a sense of reward in various ways.

In particular, it turns out that Pastor Oh's wife was also engaged in spreading dog dung or human dung in water to make it right on his face.

A whistleblower said, "I told you to bring a dog's stool and apply it. I applied it while crying. It was miserable. It was miserable and I only had tears," and said, "I don't want to do it, I can't do that."

He then said, "I'll have to bring my own poop and apply it later. I was brainwashed, so I couldn't even rebel."

The couple of Pastor Oh who donated money to purchase billions of expensive imported cars and luxury goods such as watches.

However, water veins were unable to take a day off to cover these expenses and suffered extreme labor.

The water veins, who had suffered labor exploitation after not sleeping for 5 hours a day for 7 and 8 years, said that their relationship with the church began when they went to the study room of Y Church as a teenager.

It was Pastor Oh's younger brother who gave counsel about the future, held parties for the children every weekend, and invited them to Pastor Oh's house and said sweet words to the children.

He targets children in need at home, saying, "If you help me, I will make you enjoy rich and noble movies later."

And, saying that it was training for success, they made flyers to children, and after graduating from high school, they took over the tutoring and running the study room and exploited the donation to make more money.

Accordingly, the production crew tried to consult directly at the academy operated by Y Church.

Pastor Oh's younger brother's wife said, "If you tutor, you can earn more money than an office worker. Come to yourself and do some work."

Y Church made the water veins give up going to college.

A church that didn't even see the SAT.

They convinced those who aimed to go to higher-ranking universities to give up college entrance and convinced them that doing business with them was the shortcut to success.

They said that they could develop spiritually only if they were disconnected from the world, and they had to live a community life in the church, and through this, the waters had to give up many things.

The production crew went to Pastor Oh's family to hear the answer.

When he revealed that he was a reporter, he refused to answer without opening the door.

The seven water veins the production crew met were all bad credit or bankrupt.

That's why he couldn't leave the church despite being exploited.

Even though his monthly income was over 10 million won, he became a bad credit.

Pastor Oh's family, who had to use only 2G phones to block information from the outside, pressured the waters and demanded more donations.

And Mulmaek remitted all the money he earned to Pastor Oh's wife as an offering.

One water vein sent over 100 million won in donations over the past three years, and the damage was greater when using another person's name or considering loans and debentures.

Also, the broadcast released flyers for tutoring and study rooms run by Y Church, noting the fact that Y Church could be avoided by people in the same industry because of its active activity in the Ansan private education market.

There was another evil deed of Pastor Oh's couple.

One mother missed her daughter Eunbyul, who ran away from home after high school.

And the daughter I met by chance in five years was desperate to learn that she had changed so much.

The woman married and gave birth a few days after running away from the house of Y Church, giving birth to two children, and it is revealed that she is still pregnant.

As a result of confirmation, she was having a child every three years.

In response, the parents expressed a terrible feeling, saying, "I am giving birth to a child like a dog factory."

And the one who married this woman was one of the people who had reported to the production crew.

And it turned out that all five of the informants gave birth after marriage when they were in their 20s.

This marriage was forced by Pastor Oh's wife.

Pastor Oh's wife gathered young water veins and pointed them together to form a mate.

And in one day, he got married and went on a honeymoon to Jeju Island, and ordered the couples to gather together in the evening and have sex.

Even though they were married and had sex like this, they could only meet the day when the pastor's couple ordered sex.

And when the relationship ended, reporting was mandatory, and the relationship must be done according to the ovulation day.

Despite forced birth, there was no consideration for pregnant women, and basic rights were deprived after childbirth.

They distributed flyers 30 minutes before childbirth, and were mobilized to make money even after childbirth as water veins.

The number of couples who were forced to marry and give birth reached 15 confirmed couples.

And the children born of the water veins were the best way to fill the donation amount.

The pastor's family threatened to hit their children if they didn't fill in the money.

They also starved children and sent threatening messages to their parents.

It also took away all subsidies, such as state subsidies, and all the benefits they deserve.

In addition, there was a case of deliberate divorce to receive the benefits of single-parent families.

The water veins who escaped from the church shed tears saying they were sorry for not being able to come out with the child.

They couldn't even bring a child because they couldn't pay the debt they owed while doing water vein activities.

The first marriage with Eunbyul was left.

I talked to my wife a few times to come out with me.

But he said he would never go out.

So, I had to come out alone.

Eventually, he gave up custody and divorced.” In addition, he explained that


remarried with a friend who had been trained with him after divorce from him.

The children of the water vein were raised by spirit vein in addition to the means of pressing the water vein. The children were again being the target of sexual exploitation.The

broadcast tried to talk with Y church officials until the end, but they refused to argue until the end.

So one of them said, "If the world is caught, they win the trial with the power of God.

He said he had decided who would go to the cell instead.

” Reporter Jeong Yoon-seok, who informed the world about Pastor Oh and the church 20 years ago

, said, “I

remember it in November 2000.

The first impression came by wearing very expensive clothes that could be called luxury.

He was wearing a ring with red jewels.

I thought it wasn't a normal church here."

Pastor Oh, who was expelled for preaching pseudo doctrine.

When a local church official heard about Pastor Oh, an official was released.

An official said, "Not only was he expelled 20 years ago, he was expelled from school. Exodus means that his name was erased and expelled. He was not a pastor and he was expelled."

Since 20 years ago, Mr. Oh is not a pastor, and the church has never been registered with the association.

In response, an expert said, "This is not a religious group. I think it is a closed criminal group that uses the Bible and Christianity to fill its own interests. I think it is a criminal organization."

Another expert angered, "The expression of a criminal organization is so bad that it is considered weak. It should not be considered simply as sexual or labor exploitation. We exploited everything that could be exploited over one person."

Mr. Oh, whom he met at the court two days ago, appeared in a wheelchair after a substantive examination of the arrest warrant.

He consistently responded silently to the reporters' questions.

And he was arrested for violating the law on the protection of children and adolescents.

In 20 years, our society has had three chances to stop the Oh family.

Twenty years ago, a media raised suspicion against them, and in 2013, a 17-year-old Young-maek reported the Oh family.

And in 2017, local residents who were suspicious of not going to school reported child abuse.

However, for various reasons, they avoided punishment.

Accordingly, the broadcast prayed that all convincing punishment would be made to Mr. Oh, who was arrested even now, and that others would be punished.

In addition, they regretted the appearance of the victims who took the damage they suffered as their own wrong choice, and comforted them, saying, "Even if it is a wrong choice, there is no reason for violence and exploitation."

He also requested that the members who remain in the church would not make another victim by spreading the crimes of the Oh family.

And he promised to keep watching until the day that Mr. Oh and his family were paid a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, at the end of the broadcast, the follow-up to the 16-month Jung In-i case that shocked many people was announced and attracted attention.  

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)