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It is one of the flavors of this year.

It is recognized by the American newspaper

The New York Times.

There are thousands of restaurants around the world joining the

low-curdled cheesecake



A creamy heart dessert and a

Spanish recipe

that dethrons the typical

New York


, which includes a base of cookies with butter and a red fruit jam topping.

It is also the fashionable sweet in the Turkish city of



Multiple cafes in the Besiktas neighborhood advertise with blackboards and posters that they make the

San Sebastian Cheesecake



In other words, an imitation of the recipe for the famous

cheesecake from La Viña in San Sebastián.

Every day there is a queue at the

first cafeteria

that started making this creamy cake.

In 2016, the thirty-year-old sisters Bensu Çamur and Melis Çamur Aydemir, the first cook and the second teacher, began to bake this slightly curdled cheese cake at the B Blok store.

Creamy cheesecakes not yet unmold.

That same year they were both in Spain.

"We attended the edition of

San Sebastián Gastronomika,


we never went to La Viña restaurant

or tried their cheese cake. It was when we returned from there, investigating, when we saw their recipe on Instagram. Coincidence. And we started to make our own preparation. We made many tests and finally we are left with the one we have. But, although it seems impossible, we have never tasted the original ", confess the owners from their small establishment, the original (Vinezade, air Nedim Cd. 35A D: 1, 34353 Beikta, Istanbul , from 12:00 to 21:00).

Name change

On the menu, hers is called

Creamy Cheesecake

, although no one orders it that way.

Customers always order a

Sebastian cheesecake

, say the entrepreneurs.

The name is due to some bloggers (and the recipe) that they imitate, "who posted our cake and made several comments baptizing it as San Sebastian. And

it became viral



Black and white chocolate brownie, one of three B Blok recipes.

In its two establishments (the initial one, of 46 m2, renovated a year ago, and a second, much larger, just 300 meters from the previous one) they only dispatch portions of their creamy cheese cake,

black and white chocolate


and ,

as a novelty,



"We only offer these options. People come to B Blok because they know what they are going to find and they like it. They do not want surprises. We also do not make variations of our desserts. We were

pioneers in Istanbul

, we remain faithful to our original recipe and we are working ", sentence Melis.

But not the only ones.

"We are very flattered that they try to copy us. Before we bought all the creamy cakes that we saw, but now I have decided not to try more. At first glance I already know if it is a good cake or not," they say.

Every day they serve (also to take away) in their


of cakes a thousand portions of cheesecake (they

only make 100 units, which are divided into 10

medium-sized semi-undone


) and 150 pieces of


, at

2.50 euros

to change unit.

In its menu also all kinds of coffees (from 2 euros), although no soft drinks or alcohol.

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