Illustration of an intervention by SNSM, here in Arcachon.


Eric Beracassat / SIPA

They remained prisoners.

On Friday, the lifeless bodies of three young fishermen were found in the wreckage of their boat, announced the prosecutor of Le Havre, Bruno Dieudonné.

The day before, their fishing boat had suffered a rudder failure around 7 p.m. and had to be towed by an SNSM canoe.

While the convoy was maneuvering, the trawler named


sank around 11:45 p.m., five kilometers from the Calvados coast, without anyone knowing why.

The bodies were finally collected and brought back to the port of Ouistreham.

It was divers who discovered the three victims inside the wreckage, which lay several meters deep.

According to the prosecutor, the three sailors are two brothers aged 19 and 26 and a man of 27, co-owner of the boat.

The sinking took place during a maneuver

An investigation has been opened to try to determine the circumstances of the tragedy.

It is not yet known whether the


was still being towed by the SNSM canoe when it sank.

As it faced heavy seas three nautical miles (about 5.5 km) north of Lion-sur-Mer, the convoy had changed course, no doubt due to difficult weather conditions.

"During this maneuver, the 


 embarked a blade and suddenly sank", specified the maritime prefecture of the Channel.


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