Broadcaster Lee Hwi-jae's wife and a florist who is active as an SNS influencer, Moon Jeong-won, has not been confirmed that he did not pay 30,000 won for toys at an amusement park in the past.

In a recent online community, a netizen claimed that he was an amusement park toy store employee and said, "I sold two toys to Moon Jung-won and the children and paid 32,000 won, but they came back and paid because they didn't have a wallet. "There are pictures taken with the children at that time. It was my fault for believing that the face was known," he said.

When some netizens tried to check the facts again, the netizens said, "There are about 5 other employees waiting at the store together at the time." It was clear that it was a crime, but I didn't have energy to consume, so I just took it over. He also emphasized that it is correct.

The authenticity of the article written by the netizen is not known. Many are suspicious of "It is very unlikely that a family of celebrities whose faces are known have done a crime." Moon Jung-won, who recently announced an apology at the time of the exposure of the noise damage between the floors of the lower house, is interested in whether to clarify this article as well. 

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)