News 1+1丨The epidemic is mostly concentrated in rural areas, and most of the confirmed cases are farmers. How to stop the epidemic?

Hebei does this →

  Recently, most of the epidemics in Hebei were concentrated in rural areas, and most of the confirmed cases were farmers.

Shijiazhuang decided to implement centralized quarantine in key villages.

In addition, the Hebei epidemic has been linked to many provinces and cities: Beijing, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Wuhan... As of now, at least 7 provinces and cities across the country have reported the trajectory of confirmed cases in Hebei.

How is the current isolation of villagers?

How to prevent and control transmission to stop transmission?

Shijiazhuang will build a centralized isolation board room in Zhengding

CCTV reporter Gu Junling:

I am now on a planned land in the eastern part of Zhengding New District, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. When I came, I saw some iron walls. These fences should not have been built in just two days. It seems that it has been a few months, and it seems that this may have been a planned building land before.

After entering the wall, there is still a wasteland here. There are many vehicles on site in the central area, including water jet trucks, construction trucks, and some trucks that transport goods.

This place should be said to have no shop in front of the village, and it should be good for controlling the spread of the epidemic.

How to ensure the power supply for the remote location of the centralized isolation board room?

CCTV reporter Gu Junling:

Before all the construction, there is a prerequisite to have electricity. Since 7 o'clock last night, the power company in Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang has come here to conduct field surveys. It is urgent to make plans overnight. Plan, deploy personnel.

At about 5 o'clock in the morning today, the construction electricity capacity was available 2 hours in advance.

  At 8 o'clock this morning, a team of about 300 people from the Shijiazhuang Electric Power Company arrived here and began to formally build.

They have prepared about 18 kilometers of double-wire back and forth cables and about 36 transformers to provide protection for the power supply in this area in the future.

Shijiazhuang builds centralized isolation board houses, how many?

Who will build it?

CCTV reporter Gu Junling:

Before I entered the construction site, I saw some vehicles of Hebei B brand, which should be Tangshan.

I have also received news earlier that there are three manufacturers of prefabricated houses in Tangshan, and they have been tasked to deliver the accessories and panels for prefabricated houses.

Just now I ran into an employee of a prefabricated house company, and learned from him that at about 8 o’clock today, about one hundred and sixty sets of the first batch of prefabricated house materials have been shipped here, and they will continue tonight. More than 400 sets will be shipped, and they have undertaken the transportation task of more than 1,200 board houses in total.

According to his understanding, there are two other companies that have undertaken 800 and 1,200 units each, for a total of nearly 3,000 board houses.

The spread of the epidemic in Hebei is linked to many provinces

  In this round of the Hebei epidemic, the trajectory of confirmed cases is related to multiple provinces.

Currently, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Shanxi, Beijing, and Hubei have seen confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hebei.

This also sounded the alarm bell, prevention and control should not be careless.

Why do villagers in the key villages in Gaocheng District have to be isolated from other places?

Qi Shunxiang, director of the Virus Institute of the Hebei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Home isolation of villagers can easily cause transmission between family members and neighbors. There are many elderly people in rural areas who do not have mobile phones, and their educational level is relatively low, making communication difficult.

In addition, the sanitary conditions in the village are relatively poor, and the household sanitation facilities are extremely simple, and it is very difficult to dispose of feces and garbage. If centralized isolation is not implemented, the real isolation effect will not be achieved at all.

If it is not completely transferred to another place, the result is very troublesome, it is difficult to completely eliminate the source of infection, which means that there is no isolation at all.

Leaving the source of infection will cause the epidemic to continue to spread, and the previous work will be wiped out.

Implement remote centralized isolation, will infection occur during the transfer process?

Qi Shunxiang, director of the Virus Institute of the Hebei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The

transfer process

will not cause infection, and the core problem is to do a good job of protection.

Shijiazhuang has done very meticulous work in this regard.

Centralized isolation is mainly to isolate close contacts and close contacts. In the car, one person wears a mask, one person per person, and the vehicle is controlled to less than 50% of the passenger capacity; in addition, the vehicle is equipped with disinfectant, paper towels, and beverages. , Let the separated persons try not to bring their own belongings to ensure that they will not spread from person to person.

Can the isolation prevention and control team at the centralized isolation point keep up?

Qi Shunxiang, director of the Virus Institute of the Hebei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

This is no problem. The centralized quarantine observation point is organized by the government. It has organized health and epidemic prevention personnel, public security, and firefighting personnel, including service personnel. One person is allowed to leave the room, and meals are guaranteed. When it was delivered to the door, the villagers took the food to the house, and they had no contact with outsiders.

The room is also equipped with disinfection equipment and is very well equipped.

How to help villagers adjust their mentality?

Qi Shunxiang, director of the Virus Institute of the Hebei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Villagers are generally used to

visiting the

village. They are quarantined and observed in this place. They will definitely feel aggrieved if they are not allowed to go out. Therefore, the quarantine observation points are generally equipped with TV sets, novels, etc. Newspapers, or other entertainment products, spread yoga mats on the floor to ensure that they are relatively comfortable.

In addition, the isolation observation points are equipped with a psychologist. If you have any difficulties, you can find a psychologist, chat with him on the phone, and conduct counseling.

At present, most villagers are very cooperative when they go to the isolation point.