Médiamétrie is publishing the radio audiences this morning for the period November-December 2020. Europe 1 wins 72,000 listeners in one wave and Manu Payet attracts young people with his morning show from Virgin Radio.

These figures fall in a context burdened by confinements.

With 40.4 million daily listeners, the radio media has not recovered to its level of a year ago. 

Médiamétrie publishes the radio audiences for the period November-December 2020 on Thursday. The media's listening habits have been greatly disrupted over this period, by the second confinement (from October 29 to December 15, 2020) and more generally by the exceptional global situation that crosses the country.

With 40.4 million daily listeners, the radio has not recovered to its level of a year ago. 

In this difficult context for the entire media, the results of Europe 1 are very encouraging.

With 2,727,000 daily listeners, the station is building on its good results from September-October 2020 and is continuing the installation of its new project, with a gain of 72,000 listeners in one wave. 

Historical level for

Hondelatte tells

Midday and 4-8 p.m. Europe 1 boost the resort's results.

Among the progressions of the station, the performances of mid-day Europe 1 are particularly notable.

Europe Midi

, presented by Patrick Cohen, attracts +111,000 listeners in one year.

France is on the move

, led by Elisabeth Assayag and Emmanuel Duteil, shows an increase of +104,000 listeners in one year.

Hondelatte Raconte

wins 110,000 listeners in one year.

With 386,000 daily listeners, the show had never been listened to so much between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

And never has it been downloaded so much as a podcast.

During the week, between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., the new programs on the schedule,

Historically Vôtre


Europe Soir


carried respectively by the duo Stéphane Bern-Matthieu Noël and by Julian Bugier, also stand out.

Driven by their good momentum, Europe 1 strengthened its position, with a PdA up + 8% in one wave.

For Constance Benqué, President of Europe 1, "these results confirm our idea that listeners from Europe 1 find themselves in the project that we have been offering them since the start of the school year, even though their listening habits have since changed. several months. Their support and their confidence oblige and push us to go even further in our requirements and in our capacity to distinguish ourselves and to innovate. "

Manu Payet on the rise on Virgin Radio 

Manu Payet and Virgin Radio are on the rise over the 25-34 age group.

Virgin Radio brings together 1,612,000 listeners every day (5h / 24h).

After only 4 months on Virgin Radio (7 a.m. / 10 a.m.), Manu Payet made the feat of progressing over the 25-34 age group during this period of confinement (Nov./Dec. 2020), with + 25% cumulative audience (vs. Sept./Oct. 2020) and + 41% audience share (vs. Sept./Oct. 2020).

The audience share of the

Virgin Tonic

morning show

during this second confinement is increasing compared to the first: the arrival of Manu Payet thus allows the 7h-10h segment to increase by + 0.1pt PDA compared to May-June 2020. From the start of the 2nd confinement, Manu Payet immediately extended the program by 1 hour to adapt to the new habits of listeners.

The lengthening of the morning has paid off.

For its part, RFM brings together 1,977,000 listeners every day, or 3.6% of the cumulative audience.

Listeners whose loyalty has not wavered in a period when many habits have been upset: the station's listening time has increased over one year from + 4min to 1h35min. 

To better support listeners whose pace of life has changed,

Le Meilleur des Réveils

has been extended to 10 a.m. over the entire period.

Thus, 1,083,000 listeners woke up with the good humor of Elodie Gossuin, Albert Spano, Marc-Antoine Le Bret and Pascal Atenza.

The show increased by +0.2 in audience share to 2.7%.

Thank you all for your loyalty!