Former CEO Carlos Ghosn of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is accused of disclosing a small amount of compensation. Former CEO Greg Kelly has agreed to a judicial transaction with the prosecution. He testified that he was considering how to pay the reward.

In a trial in which former Nissan representative director Greg Kelly (64) was accused of colluding with former chairman Ghosn and disclosing less of the former chairman's compensation in a securities report, a witness questioning of Nissan officials was conducted. Then, on the 14th, Senior Managing Executive Officer Hari Nada, who agreed to a judicial transaction with the prosecution, was called by the witnesses.

At that time, Managing Director Nada testified that he was instructed by former CEO Kelly to secretly consider the business integration with Renault, also considered how to pay the full amount of compensation to former Chairman Ghosn, and was involved in the preparation of documents. did.

Regarding the reason why former chairman Ghosn wanted to disclose less compensation, Managing Director Nada said, "If a large amount of compensation is disclosed, the French government will not like it and Ghosn will lose his job."

Former CEO Kelly seemed very angry and under pressure when he said, "It's'inappropriate and could be a crime'about how to pay a portion of the compensation later." He seemed to be more interested in disclosing Ghosn's compensation than in the merger of Ghosn. "

He also explained that he bought the houses in Brazil and Lebanon used by former chairman Ghosn with an overseas subsidiary in between so that he could not tell that he owns Nissan. "Since the nearby five-star hotel is safer, the house I didn't think the instructions from former CEO Kelly were convincing. "