Youtube, which is owned by Google, is temporarily removing new content from the outgoing President Donald Trump's channel.

It writes the company on Twitter.

The reason is that a new video violates the company's rules, says Youtube.

The decision is also made with reference to the risk of more violence.

Trump's account is blocked from uploading new videos for at least a week.

"In light of the concerns about the ongoing risk of violence, we have removed new material that has been uploaded to Donald J. Trump's channel because it violated our rules," writes Youtube.

In a follow-up tweet, the company writes that it disables the comment function on Donald Trump's channel indefinitely.

The block is criticized

Since the storming of the Capitol last week, Trump has had his social media accounts shut down by media giants such as Twitter and Facebook.

The blockade of Trump's accounts has been criticized by several heavy voices within the EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it is up to authorities to regulate freedom of expression, not private companies.