China News Service, January 13th. According to the official WeChat news of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security, and the State Post Bureau recently issued the "Emergency Notice on Scientifically and Accurately Doing the Emergency Material Transportation and Traffic Guarantee Work in Hebei, Beijing and Other Places." , It is required to make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of emergency material transportation vehicles in Hebei Province, accelerate the establishment of material transfer stations around Shijiazhuang, effectively strengthen the transportation guarantee of key materials in Beijing, and orderly guarantee the postal express delivery service in Hebei Province.

  The full text of the notice is as follows:

  Make every effort to ensure the smooth passage of emergency material transportation vehicles in Hebei Province

  All provincial-level transportation and public security departments must follow the "Notice on Effectively Doing a Good Job in the Emergency Transportation Guarantee Work for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Shijiazhuang and Xingtai, Hebei Province" (Jiaoyun Mingdian [2021] No. 10) deployment requirements, The vehicles in the “Emergency Material Transportation Vehicle Pass for Hebei Epidemic Prevention and Control” (see Annex 1), especially those of Hebei origin, follow the principle of “non-necessary and non-blocking” to ensure fast and smooth traffic.

For emergency material transportation vehicles encountering traffic jams at public security checkpoints, local public security and transportation departments must strengthen command and guide, and give priority to ensuring passage.

At the same time, the transportation and public security departments of Hebei Province and neighboring provinces should actively cooperate with local health departments to add mobile nucleic acid testing points at key highway entrances and exits and service areas, and announce them to the public in a timely manner to carry out nucleic acid testing for emergency material transportation practitioners. Provide convenience.

  Speed ​​up the establishment of material transfer and distribution stations around Shijiazhuang

  The competent department of transportation of Hebei Province shall, under the framework of the joint prevention and control mechanism of Hebei Province, work with the development and reform, commerce, public security, health and other departments, and rely on the existing logistics park in accordance with the principles of convenient transportation, reasonable scale, complete functions, and smooth connection. , Set up material transfer stations in the surrounding areas of Shijiazhuang, study detailed scheduling and operation processes, optimize long-distance trunk lines and urban distribution and transportation, improve connection and handling facilities and equipment, strictly implement sanitation and epidemic prevention requirements, and on the basis of blocking the spread of the epidemic, Ensure the orderly transfer and efficient distribution of various emergency supplies, production and living supplies in and out of Shijiazhuang and surrounding areas, and avoid cross-infection of emergency supplies transportation personnel.

The competent department of transportation in Hebei Province should promptly establish material transfer and transfer stations, put them into operation as soon as possible, and announce the geographical location, contact information and operation procedures to the public.

  Effectively strengthen the transportation guarantee of key materials in Beijing

  All provincial-level transportation departments shall follow the relevant requirements of the "Notice on Effectively Preventing and Controlling the Normalized Epidemic and Strengthening the Transportation Guarantee Work of Key Production and Living Materials such as Fresh Agricultural Products in Beijing" (Jiaoyun Mingdian [2020] No. 205), Make every effort to supply market supply of key production and living materials such as fresh agricultural products in Beijing.

For non-Hebei personnel and vehicles transporting supplies to Beijing for production and living through Hebei Province, they will be given priority and convenient access with the "Emergency Material Transfer (Transfer) Certificate" issued by the relevant committees (bureaus) of Beijing (see Annex 2) .

For vehicles of Hebei nationality transporting supplies for production and living in Beijing, the "Emergency Material Transfer (Transfer) Certificate" is required, and the drivers and passengers must meet the requirements of the capital's strict management and joint prevention and control coordination mechanism for nucleic acid testing.

  Orderly guarantee postal express delivery services in Hebei Province

  The transportation and postal administration departments of Hebei Province shall, in accordance with the deployment arrangements of the provincial joint prevention and control mechanism, gradually restore the order of delivery and delivery in Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and other places, and strive to meet the people's delivery service needs.

In low- and medium-risk areas, on the basis of strengthening the health protection management of postmen and couriers, they should be allowed to enter the management areas such as communities, communities, and properties for end delivery.

After setting up the management area of ​​the smart express box, postmen and couriers should allow them to give priority to the mail express directly to the smart express box through the designated route after completing the work of entry and exit registration, temperature detection, and wearing masks.

The management area of ​​the smart express mail box has not been established. It is necessary to designate a specific area for receiving and sending mail express, promote the experience of fixed-point receiving and sending, fixed-point delivery, and appointment delivery, and give full play to the functions of public service platforms such as community mail express delivery stations to reduce Personnel contact directly.

In high-risk areas, it is necessary to create convenient conditions for postmen and couriers to pick up and deliver items, and promote the smooth flow of the "first and last mile" of postal express delivery services.

  Strictly implement the protection measures for front-line employees

  Local transportation authorities must follow the requirements of the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemics of Road Freight Vehicles, Practitioners, and Stations" (Jiaoyun Mingdian (2020) No. 199) to urge transportation companies to implement the main responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, and to establish departments The health monitoring system for passengers and station service personnel strictly implements protective measures such as wearing masks, frequent hand washing, strict disinfection, and temperature measurement, and organizes employees in and out of medium- and high-risk areas to carry out nucleic acid testing in accordance with relevant regulations.

It is necessary to proactively strengthen communication and docking with the health department, and in accordance with the unified deployment of the local joint prevention and control mechanism, organize front-line practitioners such as drivers, loading and unloading operations, postmen, and couriers who are engaged in emergency transportation support, on the basis of informed and voluntary, Give priority to the new coronavirus vaccine.