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There are those who do not know the size of the blessing!

Sami Al Riyami


January 14, 2021

A dear friend who received a text message from China, in which his Chinese partner told him, literally: “You are lucky. You were one of the first countries in the world to receive the vaccine, and you can easily obtain it as citizens, while we in China are very difficult to obtain the vaccine, because of our huge numbers Although the vaccine is a Chinese industry »!

Certainly, such a Chinese man, and hundreds of millions of others from different countries of the world, know well the value and usefulness of the vaccine, as they are among the people in the world who are closest to the virus and affected by it, and at the same time they know what it means for a country to provide this vaccine to its people for free, in large quantities, It is not easy, and most countries of the world cannot do that, but what this Chinese does not know, and what his mind cannot comprehend, is that despite the tremendous efforts made by the UAE for the health and safety of its citizens, unfortunately there are those who do not realize the size of this blessing. The state placed it in his hands, and there are those who still refuse to receive the vaccine, despite all the information that confirms that it is the safe exit from the maze and dilemma of the Corona virus, which deprived us of our normal life for a whole year!

The vaccine is completely safe. This is an established scientific fact that must cancel and banish the boring rumors that many still insist on. Vaccines represent an effective way to protect societies, eradicate infectious diseases, and end threats to human health, not only from the Corona virus, but has been proven throughout history and decades. The past was that it was a direct cause of eradicating many diseases that were threatening lives.

Vaccines have also contributed to the eradication of many epidemics, such as measles, polio, and others.

Today, the vaccine provided by the state with its two classes is the safe way to protect society and eliminate the "Corona" virus, in addition to fully adhering to precautionary measures and not ignoring them to ensure a fast, effective and guaranteed solution.

All hesitants who prolong the Corona crisis by hesitating and increase the risks of the virus spreading, must be absolutely sure that, in light of the daily increase in the number of infected people, the alarming spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the absence of current treatment, that the return to a pattern Normal life again will only be achieved through the vaccine, as it is the short and safe way to protect members of society. Are we witnessing an increase in the demand for the vaccine during the coming period, at an accelerating rate that makes our exit from the crisis of the Corona virus faster?

This is what we wish!

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