As three hospitals in Tokyo, including Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, have become practically specialized hospitals for the new coronavirus, pregnant women who were planning to give birth at these hospitals are confused. ..

Of these, a woman in her twenties who was scheduled to give birth by Caesarean section on February 4th at Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital suddenly said, "February and March give birth" from the hospital side during the maternity examination on January 8th. People on the scheduled date are no longer able to give birth at Hiroo Hospital, "he said.

Women are currently raising twins with intractable diseases designated by the government, and after giving birth, give birth at Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital, which has twin doctors so that they can stay with them if they have a seizure. I was hoping for.

The woman said, "I was panicked by shock and surprise, and I was full of anxiety that there were no hospitals where I could give birth with peace of mind."

After that, I contacted several other hospitals introduced by the hospital, but it is said that the hospital that will give birth is still undecided because the amount of money required for childbirth is high or the distance is long.

The woman said, "I consulted with Tokyo and Shibuya Ward for money, but I was only asked to discuss it with the hospital because the difference was paid by myself. People without money walked far to go to the hospital. Do I have to do it? Should I give birth at home? I'm being cornered, but I don't know what to do because there is no solution. I want you to take a policy that also considers financial and mental care. That's it. "