Hollywood actor Bruce Willis is embarrassed to be expelled from a pharmacy for not wearing a mask.

On the 12th local time, American entertainment media Page Six reported that "Bruce Willis on the 11th, without wearing a mask, went into a large pharmacy store in Los Angeles, California and was kicked out."

Willis walked around the pharmacy wearing a mask replacement scarf only around his neck, and the pharmacy manager who saw it asked Willis to "cover his nose and mouth with a scarf," but he was known to have refused.

Eventually, the pharmacy manager asked Willis to "get out of the store," and Willis left the store without buying anything. Also, unlike Willis' request to cover his nose and mouth inside the pharmacy, it is said that he covered his nose and mouth with his hand for a while when he left the pharmacy.

As the facts become known, public opinion criticizes Willis. As the controversy grew, a spokesman for Willis eventually apologized through the American media People, saying, "It was a bad judgment to not wear a mask."

(Photo = Still cut of the movie'Death Wish' / Provided by The Coop,'Page six' homepage capture)

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