"Bel-Khalis", "Al Wasl", "Al Yalayas" and "Al Mansouri" win the "Al Shaheen" races

An exciting conclusion for "the local" in "Fazza for falconry"

Falconer Sultan Al Falasi: I am keen to pass on this traditional sport to my children.

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The “Al-Mahalli” runs were concluded on the impact of an exciting competition and great strength in the “Shaheen” category, within the Fazza Championship for Falconry “Al-Talwah”, organized by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for the Revival of Heritage in Al-Ruwaiya in Dubai, and its competitions will be concluded on Friday, after having succeeded since the beginning of the month The ongoing promotion of the folklore, and highlighting this heritage sport specifically in the best way.

In the local races for the Shaheen category that was held yesterday, Rashid Ghasbab won the first-chief Shaheen Farkh run, by means of the bird “Gabba”, who covered the race distance at a time of 18.408 seconds. Al-Saqqar himself won the second place in “Abu Al-Maarak” with a time of 18.639 seconds, and in the third place the team "MRM" in the bird "SN9" with a time of 19.214 seconds.

The Al Wasl team won first place in Shaheen Jarnas, first head with the bird “H1” at 19.341 seconds, and came second in “MRM” with the bird “14” at 19.473 seconds, and in the third place, Saeed Hilal Al Mansouri in the “Al Daia” race, at 19.548 seconds.

The "Alaylais" team won a second main lead, Shaheen Farkh, with Al Tayer "in 40" in a time of 18.037 seconds "the fastest during the rounds", followed by Ahmed Khalaf in the jaw with the bird "thought" at a time of 18.195 seconds, and third, Khalifa Ahmed Bin Mejren in Al-Tair, "Madrid 87", at 18.481 seconds. .

In Shaheen Jarnas, the second president, the first place was achieved by Ali Saeed Al Mansouri in the “black” bird with a time of 18.362 seconds, followed by the F3 team in the bird “SH31” at 18.754 seconds, and the third place by the Dubai team in the bird “fifty” at 18.778 seconds.

Closest to heritage

Falconer Sultan Ahmed Thani Al Falasi emphasized that this category is considered the strongest and closest to the heritage, which encourages falconers to pay attention to it, and the record times and strong competition in all circuits reflect the extent of interest in it, and said: I strive to transfer this heritage sport to my children, so I will involve them in competitions Junior, who are present during these rounds in order to benefit and gain experience for the future, and I am very happy with their interest, permanent presence and their eagerness to master this heritage sport.


Falconer Khalifa Obaid Al Muhairi, from the "Al Yalayis" team, affirmed that I always strive to excel and achieve the first positions. This time, success came by winning first place with a strong bird that was well prepared for this season, which was reflected by the number it achieved.

While he attributed the success completely to the effort of the team that worked hard, in order to appear in this positive image.

Roman Post

The competitions witnessed the participation of Roman Victor Matuta, who has become a permanent guest at the tournament, with his eagerness to participate for many years and achieved sixth place today, and he said: I work in the field of falcons, which encouraged me to own my own falcon, and I always try to achieve the best results possible given that it is a hobby in The time being, but I'm very attached to it and love the beautiful atmosphere in this great tournament.

He continued: I was lucky enough to be in the first 10 places, after I achieved ninth place, and every year I strive to achieve a better place than that.

In the local runs for the Shaheen class, Rashid Ghasab won a half for Shaheen Farkh, first president.

Al-Wasl team won first place in Shaheen Jarnas, first president, with the bird "H1".

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