Amid the tight the hospital beds in the spread of the new coronavirus, to expand its assistance to medical institutions Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which have accepted the medical treatment patients of the elderly is usually, beds of ensuring by the prospect of treatment will accept only changing hospital patients It was decided to proceed.

Hospitalization if there is a risk that condition even after the prospect of the treatment of infectious diseases is deteriorated in the medical institutions that accept patients of the new coronavirus has become the challenge is often the case to be prolonged.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to expand support when medical institutions with beds that provide long-term medical care, such as the elderly, accept such patients.

Specifically, when securing beds in advance, about 40,000 yen per bed per day for beds that accept critically ill and moderately ill patients, and 16,000 yen per day for other beds. I am going to assist.