They won a scholarship in "SMOD Dubai"

6 Promising Designers Win the "Abaya Competition"

  • The "campaign" encouraged the contestants to express themselves through drawings and designs.

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Six emerging designers in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have won the 'Abaya Style Your Style' campaign and competition for designing abayas. Each of them will receive a free scholarship from the famous French fashion institute, ESMOD Dubai.

The campaign encouraged contestants for self-expression through drawings and designs, and also provides an innovation platform for abaya lovers to showcase their talents and creative ideas in the field of design and fashion.

Participants had to go through several stages, as part of the competition and compete for the presented scholarship awards, and they also had the opportunity to attend a direct training and orientation session, in which all advice and ideas were presented by the fashion industry experts in the region.

Regarding the design drawings submitted by the contestants, the Emirati designer, Amal Murad, who was a member of the jury of "Your Abaya Style", who is known for her trademark in designing the fashion for abayas, said, "The judgment criteria focused on the drawings of the contestants' designs through creativity, design, and originality. And the relevance and confidence of the participants, their mastery and their unique vision, ”adding that“ the contestants ’drawings proved that we have a lot of talent in the region that is waiting to be discovered. To actually start their career in the world of fashion design ».

The grand prize winner, Richa Chauhan, from the United Arab Emirates, will receive a scholarship in the design of modest fashion and abayas, and through this grant she will be allowed to continue her studies and join the advanced level program in fashion design and creativity, and other winners will also receive scholarships to attend a training course About fashion and coordinating the best looks to understand how style and personality are determined by the look, and how to coordinate various outfits according to body and skin colors.

It is noteworthy that the jury also included the director and founder of the French ESMOD Dubai Institute, Tamara Hostel, and the technical director of the French Institute, Denis Ravisa.

"Confidence, mastery, creativity, technology and vision are some of the main factors for progress and prosperity in the fashion industry, and these fundamentals can only be acquired and further developed by experts and pioneers in the field of fashion education, especially when taking the decision to pursue a talent and passion for design," said Raviza.

She added, "Fashion is a wonderful industry that hides great job opportunities and amazing experiences. I would advise anyone who has the talent and wants to achieve his dream, to be ready to work and progress with passion, dedication and patience."


In addition to the Abaya Design Competition, the campaign also included several online activities, as the participants had an educational trip that included the most important secrets and practical tips for taking care of the abaya, and they had the opportunity to present their curated pictures of the most beautiful abaya looks, along with their styling tips for each occasion in a digital magazine, along with the most important fashion and fashion magazines .

The participants went through several stages within the competition, and attended many sessions.

Amal Murad:

"The drawings of the contestants proved that we have many talents in the region waiting to be discovered."

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