Actor Shim Eun-jin (40) from Baby Vox announced the marriage to actor Jeon Seung-bin, aged 6 and younger, while Jeon Seung-bin's ex-wife left a sniper article and controversy is spreading.

Hong In-young (35), who became famous for'Arumyi of Engineering' in an advertisement, on the same day that Seung-bin Jeon and Eun-jin Shim were already married, on the same day that Yoo Ah-in in the movie'Veteran' made a line saying'I'm out of shit' on his SNS. I captured it.

Then, an acquaintance of Hong In-young left a comment saying, "It's ridiculous", and Hong In-young left a meaningful word, "I'll get to know it slowly."

The acquaintance also cheered, "I want to sincerely bless his new start, but there were too many things to do that, and it's creepy that the period of your pain and the period of their meeting overlap. It's okay, Inyoung, there will be many good things for you in the future." .

In response, Hong In-young said, "I also had a lot of personal hard work. No who? It's me. That's why it overlaps so strangely. It's a breakup in 2018. I got a divorce in 2020. I have to talk about it. There's not much to do. It's just pretense. "He left a post that seemed to shoot Jeon Seung-bin.

Earlier, Shim Eun-jin reported that he and Seung-bin Jeon registered the marriage and became a legal couple. He explained.

Seungbin Jeon said on Instagram, "It was a year in which there was a lot of work in 2020. It was a year when everyone had a hard time, and I also had a lot of personal hard work," said Shim Eun-jin, "I am a person who makes me greedy. I thought I couldn't miss this hand," he said, saying the reason for the decision to marry.

The drama, which the two revealed as an opportunity to meet, ended last May as MBC'Bad Love'.

Hong In-young and Jeon Seung-bin divorced last April.

Hong In-young and Jeon Seung-bin appeared together in the 2009 drama ``Chun Chu Empress'' and became lovers, dating for 7 years, and then married in May 2016.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)