Ms. Nonoka Murakata, a silver prize winner at the Japanese Children's Song Contest, who captivated her aunts and uncles on the Korean LAN line with her fatal cuteness, opened an official SNS account for Korean fans thanks to her popularity.

Recently, on social media and online communities, the stage video of Miss Nonoka, who won a Japanese nursery rhyme contest, has garnered a lot of attention.

In the video, Korean netizens showed enthusiastic reactions such as "It is like a baby angel from heaven" and "I experienced paradise with a song of Nonoka. Please visit Korea." In response, Miss Nonoka's mother opened a personal YouTube channel for Korean fans. I started Instagram.

On the Instagram of Miss Nonoka, there were cute childhood pictures that could not be seen on the YouTube channel, as well as a small and precious daily life such as a certificate from a nursery rhyme and a silver medal certification.

The height of Miss Nonoka, which everyone was curious about, was also revealed, and Miss Nonoka's mother uploaded a photo at the nursery rhyme contest and said, "The height of Nonoka that everyone was curious about! Our Nonoka is 84cm".

Following Instagram, a fan cafe for Miss Nonoka was also opened to please the Korean fans who had been waiting for the news after the nursery rhyme. Miss Nonoka left a cute voice message to the Korean fans saying "Thank you! Arigato!" We are actively communicating with Korean fans through cafes.

(Photo = Instagram'nonoka_official_page', capturing the next cafe'Nonokawai')

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Jinyun Jin