Due to the heavy snowfall after several years, more and more people make and share snowmen on social media and online communities.

At the same time, some people who ruin a carefully made snowman for no reason also appeared and frowned upon him. As a result, Singer Lee Yi pointed out the violence inherent in'Snowman Destruction' and gained sympathy from many netizens.

Yesterday (10th) Lee Jeok posted a post on his Instagram entitled'Snowman' with the hashtag'#Transfer words'.

It was a short article about Mr. A's decision to break up with the violence of his boyfriend who broke the snowman. Lee Jeok shared his thoughts on destroying the snowman through his story.

According to an article posted by the transfer, the day after the heavy snowfall, Mr. A, who was walking on the street with his boyfriend, decided to break up when he saw his smiling boyfriend while kicking a small snowman on the side of the road.

Mr. A said, "It was amazing that he could destroy that cute snowman casually, and his sincere enjoyment was creepy, and his fluttering eyes were disgusting as if he was making such a serious expression with such a joke." I conveyed the feelings I felt in detail.

Mr. A added, "If I could destroy the snowman, I could abuse animals, and I also felt the fear that violence would eventually be directed at me. I only thought it was fortunate that the big snow had come before the relationship deepened." .

Netizens said, "I remember the words that attitude does not matter between objects and people", "Destruction instinct and violence change only the object, but it seems that it is not something to laugh." I sympathized with Lee Jeok's article by leaving various comments such as.

In fact, in Daejeon, a snowman in the movie'Frozen' was caught by a man's fist, which offended many.

In addition, when a netizen made a snowman in front of a bus stop to change the mood on his way to work, the snowman was destroyed without being able to recognize the shape, and the happiness of others continues to be ruined.

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