On January 11, Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, congratulated the Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Zhang Ju on his new duties and promised to continue to support the Judiciary.

  Carrie Lam said that the rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong's success, and judicial independence is the key to maintaining the rule of law.

The Basic Law clearly stipulates that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall enjoy independent judicial power and the power of final adjudication.

"Our court conducts trials independently without any interference."

  Carrie Lam also said, “As the Chief Executive, I am simultaneously responsible to the Central People’s Government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. I will continue to unswervingly defend the independence of the judiciary. As I mentioned in the 2020 Policy Address, executive leadership and There is no contradiction in judicial independence."

  Carrie Lam said that the government has always fully supported the judiciary to ensure its effective operation.

In the past ten years, the Government has fully accepted the requirements of the Judiciary regarding funding and human resources.

The 2017 Policy Address announced the relocation of the High Court Building and the construction of a new district court complex to meet the long-term needs of the court. The government has also made progress on the projects.

The government will continue to provide all necessary support.

  Carrie Lam said, "I congratulate the Chief Judge of the Court of Final Appeal, Zhang Juneng, on his official post today. I am confident that under the leadership of Zhang Juneng, the judiciary will continue to defend the'one country, two systems', and our judges will continue to uphold the legal system without fear and bias. Uphold justice." (Receptionist Jin Dong)