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Failing to have been able to come this winter, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are preparing their visit to the United Kingdom for this summer.

And not for any event to believe

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 : the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles' mother celebrates her birthday twice a year, for her birthday on April 21, and the second Saturday in June.

A tradition that dates back to 1748, started by King George II, born in November, to ensure that the weather is good enough to celebrate the monarch's birthday.

“The Duke and Duchess hope to attend a lot of family events.

Of course, with the state of the world due to Covid-19, it is still early to plan a trip, ”explains a relative of the couple.

Virtual world

For now, Harry and Meghan are doing like all those who have lived far from their own since the emergence of the pandemic.

They rely on technology to stay in touch.

"They called each other and made videoconferences during the holidays between Christmas and New Year's Day and the Sussexes sent gifts to Cambridge and vice versa," said Katie Nicholl, specialist in the royal family.

She also adds that, paradoxically, this period when the virtual took precedence over the real brought the two brothers together, cold since the Megxit.

“If you compare to last year around the same time, they hardly spoke to each other anymore.

(…) Today, not only do they talk to each other, but [they do it] regularly.

They talked a lot during the holidays, ”adds Katie Nicholl.


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