While the rumors of the transfer of all GOT7 members of the group, which are about to end their exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment this month, were raised, all members showed their will to continue group activities by posting the hashtag'GOT7 Forever' on social media.

Yesterday (10th) Dispatch reported that "GOT7 has finished an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment, and all members are leaving JYP."

According to reports, member Jackson is both active in Korea and China through his global label'Team King', Jinyoung is starting to act as a full-fledged actor at BH Entertainment, and Yugyeom is positively considering a contract with hip-hop label AOMG.

In addition, it is known that member Youngjae is a sublime artist agency, JB is a global record label, BamBam is a makeus entertainment company, and American member Mark is planning to return to LA to spend time with his family for the time being.

Accordingly, JYP Entertainment said, "Currently, it is difficult to confirm the transfer of each member. We will inform you of the position regarding renewal as soon as it is cleared."

However, GOT7 members posted group photos together with the hashtag'#GOT7FOREVER' on their respective social media immediately after the news of Lee Jeok-seol, and through his Twitter account, "Nothing has ended, it is just the beginning. The 7 of us continue to be the best until the end I will show you."

GOT7 also attended the '35th Golden Disc Awards', which is known as the last group schedule, and conveyed its position on the whole activity, such as giving a feeling of the award, "We will show various appearances in 2021."

In particular, GOT7, which won the main prize in the record category, attracted attention by expressing the joy of receiving the award as the seven members appeared with arms folded together without regret for the end.

If all 7 members are scattered according to the previously reported transfer story, there is a high possibility that group activities will be difficult in reality, but the support of the fans just poured out just by conveying the same idea that all members are'GOT7 Forever'.

Like GOT7's ambition of "Nothing is over. I will show you the best figure until the end", attention is focused on whether GOT7 can protect the team as it is.

(Photo = GOT7 Mark Twitter, '35th Golden Disc Awards' broadcast screen capture)

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Jinyun Jin