China News Service, Xi'an, January 11 (Reporter Zhang Yichen) "The Forest of Steles is the first stop I recommend to every foreign friend who travels to Xi'an. There are endless art and academic classics and endless life and history stories." Xi'an "Post-80s" Xu Feng said frankly.

  On the evening of the 10th, following the "Special Show in the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin", the cultural expedition program "National Treasure" reopened the "Journey to Shaanxi" and ushered in the "Special Show in Xi'an Forest of Steles Museum.

The guardians of the national treasures of this program will show the audience the stories behind the cultural relics and the inheritance of Chinese culture through the three national treasures selected by the museum, the Shitai Filial Piety, the Six Horses of Zhaoling, and the Yan Family Temple Stele.

  The Xi’an Forest of Steles Museum is the earliest museum in Shaanxi. It mainly collects, displays and studies inscriptions, epitaphs and stone inscriptions of past dynasties.

The forest of steles is not only a treasure house of ancient Chinese calligraphy art, but also a collection of ancient documents and stone carvings. The famous "Six Horses of Zhaoling" carved with the "four horses" are stored in the museum.

  In recent years, a series of cultural and cultural programs containing humanistic feelings and historical accumulation, represented by "National Treasure Archives", "Classic Odes", "Renewed the Forbidden City", and "Wonderful Night of the Museum" have continued to heat up. Poems, dances, paintings and other forms make serious historical and cultural content "high but not cold", while narrowing the psychological distance with the audience, using entertainment elements to activate cultural "soft power".

  Earlier, the Shaanxi History Museum participated in the recording of cultural events. The collection of cultural relics such as grape flower and bird pattern silver sachets, du tiger symbols and other cultural relics have been unveiled, attracting a large number of people to see the true face, and they are very popular.

  "Xi'an Forest of Steles is a holy place for calligraphy lovers. Tang Dynasty calligraphy master Yan Zhenqing's "The Yan Family Temple Stele" and "Multi Pagoda Stele" and other representative works are amazing." "Shaanxi Elements" frequently appeared in cultural and museum variety shows, making calligraphy enthusiast Li Yubin quite popular I am delighted, "Shaanxi is rich in historical and cultural resources and numerous places of interest and historical sites. The spread to the outside world through variety shows has also turned many audiences from viewers into learners of traditional culture."

  Wang Xiaoyong, an expert from the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, said that TV and online variety shows are showing a trend of continuous subdivision. Cultural and cultural variety shows have sprung up. Thanks to the cross-border integration of historical and cultural cores and innovative performance techniques, well-known actors perform cultural relic stories. The form makes the cultural relics "jump" out of the cold books and showcases, draws history through the cultural relics, and perceives the stories and cultural elements behind the cultural relics.