Chiba Prefecture has announced that the second bird flu virus in the prefecture has been detected in chickens at a new poultry farm in Isumi City, and will slaughter more than 1.14 million chickens.

This winter, bird flu has been confirmed in Chiba prefecture for the first time since last month.

On the 10th, five chickens were found dead in the same building of a poultry farm in Isumi City, and the prefecture conducted a genetic test to detect the bird flu virus on the morning of the 11th.

In response to this, the prefecture will start culling more than 1.14 million chickens at this poultry farm from the 11th, and will request the Self-Defense Forces to dispatch a disaster.

The prefecture has set a "restricted movement area" that prohibits the movement of chickens and eggs within a radius of 3 km around this poultry farm, and a "transportation" that prohibits the export of chickens and eggs from that area within a radius of 10 km. In addition to being designated as a "restricted area," we are disinfecting livestock-related vehicles in the surrounding area.

In Chiba prefecture this winter, bird flu was confirmed for the first time last month at a poultry farm near the same city of Isumi, and epidemic prevention measures such as burying more than 1.1 million chickens are being promoted.