[Explanation] Apples, newspapers, tofu, these materials that are common in people's lives but are not associated with crafts can be turned into exquisite works in the hands of Zhejiang Jinhua carving craftsman Wang Weiting.

This craftsman once worked as an IT engineer, ran a restaurant and worked as an advertising company.

Without any professional training in fine arts, he became popular on the Internet with his unique creativity and vivid works.

  [Concurrent] Wang Weiting, carving craftsman

  It happens that the short video sector has been relatively hot in the past two years, and I also want to try this one.

Friends think that I am pretty good in terms of creativity, many of these fun ideas.

And especially in the past two years, I think this kind of short video also needs some weird and fun things, and everyone will pay attention to it. So I think this aspect may have some compatibility with me.

  [Explanation] In addition to the innovation of materials, Wang Weiting became famous with his "tooth carving".

Once Wang Weiting published a work carved with sheep bones, and netizens replied in the comments, "You can fool others, this is made with teeth."

Unexpectedly, this casual ridicule became Wang Weiting's inspiration.

  [Concurrent] Wang Weiting, carving craftsman

  Then I read this comment and I was thinking, can I try it with my teeth? Is it really feasible? I thought that Apple could be used to carve Jobs. I think the feasibility is quite high. Then I tried to use this (Apple) Bite, that video is more popular.

  [Explanation] Wang Weiting told reporters that "tooth carving" is a process that makes perfect. The difficulty lies in finding the right position with the teeth while observing. A short video of several tens of seconds is presented. He has to chew on the apple for two or three hours.

  [Concurrent] Wang Weiting, carving craftsman

  Just before, a girl asked me if I could teach her how to "tooth carving". I said yes. I said you should first learn to carve by hand. If you can carve by hand, then think about using your teeth.

I usually find out that their silhouettes are side faces, and then I usually bite them, including such proportions.

Because when I bite, I often take a look at the bite. When I put it out, I always fast-forward the camera, and (the audience) can hardly see it.

Some people still think that I edited it, it was done a long time ago and then I bite one side and then turned around.

  [Explanation] He has engaged in many different professions. Even though he now has more than 1 million fans on the short video platform, Wang Weiting believes that this will not be his last attempt, as long as he can bring a better life to his family. Will try it.

  [Concurrent] Wang Weiting, carving craftsman

  In fact, it took a long time to make that piece (short video) at that time, and later did these novel materials slowly become popular.

I think there are actually many possibilities in life. You can try and experience all kinds of things. At first, you don't know which one you are suitable for.

In fact, I don't really say what I want to be famous. I think this piece of (short video) can help my living standard (improve) my family not to have too much (life) pressure, and to have a better income.

  Shen Yishan, Zhou Sun Yu reports from Jinhua, Zhejiang

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]