China Weather News Today (January 7) 06:00, the temperature in the southern suburbs of Beijing Observatory dropped to -19.5℃, ushering in the coldest morning since 1966.

During the day today, there are still gusts of magnitude 6 and 7 in Beijing, and the maximum temperature is only -7°C. It is cold and frosty. The public must keep warm when traveling, avoid staying outdoors for a long time, and be careful of frostbite.

  Monitoring showed that at 06:00 this morning, the temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory dropped to -19.5°C, breaking the record of -19.3°C on February 24, 1969, and ushering in the coldest morning since 1966.

In addition, the temperature in the central city is between -15 and -20°C, and the wind in the west is relatively strong, and the body feels very cold.

  At present, Beijing's strong wind blue and persistent low temperature yellow warning are in progress.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that the highest temperature in Beijing today is only -7°C, and there are still about 4 northerly winds from noon to evening, and gusts of 6 and 7 (8 in mountainous areas); the lowest temperature at night is -14°C. It's utterly cold".

  The day after tomorrow, Beijing will be mostly sunny and cloudy, and the temperature will continue to rise slowly. The highest temperature is around -3 to 1°C, and the lowest temperature is -10 to -9°C. Low temperature weather

  Meteorological experts reminded that Beijing ushered in the coldest morning in the past 54 years. At present, the wind-chill effect is obvious in Beijing's gale blue warning and continuous low-temperature yellow warning, and the body feels particularly cold.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the low-temperature weather will continue, and the lowest temperature is still around -10°C, and the work of protecting against cold and keeping warm cannot be relaxed.