During the New Year's Day holiday, the Zhejiang-produced movie "Send You A Little Red Flower" was screened.

  After the second scan, many viewers felt that this is really a movie suitable for the whole family to watch together, because everyone can see themselves in it.

  According to data from the professional version of Beacon, as of 20:00 yesterday, the total box office of the movie "Send You A Little Red Flower" has exceeded 750 million in 4 days, leading the New Year's Day box office.

With the cold topic of illness

  Open a warm story

  Behind the box office opening is the same good reputation.

Netizens expressed their love for this movie in the comments.

  "Good subject, very warm, with smiles and tears."

  "Give you a little red flower to cover your newly added scars. At the beginning of 2021, it is perfect to watch such a movie."


  "Send You A Little Red Flower" is produced by Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hengdian Film and Television, and is directed by Han Yan.

This is the second part of director Han Yan's "Trilogy of Life" and his successor to "Get Out!"

After Tumor, I continued to write the life story again.

  In "Send You A Little Red Flower", the director expanded his perspective from cancer-fighting individuals to the patient group and the families behind it.

If you say "Get out!"

The Xiong Dun in "Tumor" represents the strength of adults, while the story of Wei Yihang in "Send You A Little Red Flower" has an added meaning of growth.

  The movie opened a warm story with the cold topic of illness.

Two teenagers suffering from cancer are fighting against the illness while encouraging each other.

  This time, the movie focused not only on these two teenagers, but also their families, their friends, the patients who fought against the disease with them, and even the strangers who passed by by their side—those who resembled them. People who have gone farewell before they have time to comfort each other.

  Wei Yihang, played by Yi Yang Qianxi, is a cancer patient who carries on the "mourning" culture to the end.

Take the bus in the last row and sit in the corner of the restaurant, for fear of being related to others, because he does not know when he will have cancer recurrence and leave the world.

Ma Xiaoyuan, played by Liu Haocun, knew from the age of five that living is not an easy task, but he always smiled at life.

Not only face it positively, but also help others enthusiastically.

  Two people seem to be at two extremes, but in fact, they have the same mood-both are nostalgic for life.

  Before the release of "Send You A Little Red Flower", the pre-sale on the first day achieved the goal of over 100 million yuan, which can be described as high hopes.

  Many viewers may have watched the movie at the beginning of the movie, directed at Yi Yang Qianxi and other leading actors, but in the end they were deeply moved by the movie itself.

Bravely face your own life test

  The audience burst into tears

  When watching a movie in the theater, the audience can hear the sound of weeping beside them from time to time.

There are a few points in the film that particularly touch everyone-

  One of Wei Yihang's parents is a financial officer and the other is a staff member.

A family that was supposed to be able to achieve a well-off life has become stretched because of his son's illness.

So my father had to drive a special car on weekends, and my mother was picking vegetable leaves after work.

  But they never gave up.

Did not give up his son's life, let alone give up his son's life.

They hope that their son can live healthy, happy, and full lives.

Fearing that the child will be bullied outside, and that the child will not fit into the group, they will carry him to accompany smiling faces with others, and ask them to take care of him, tolerate him, and accept him.

  In another plot, Wei Yihang asked his mother how they would live if he left.

  The final answer given by Wei Yihang's parents was to take a video to record his day.

In that video, Wei Yihang and all the audience seemed to be watching the life of the "lost son" middle-aged couple from the perspective of God.

Their lives are arranged very fulfilling, they did not indulge in grief, but they did not forget their son one day.

They told their son in this way: "Don't worry, we will live a good life, and we will always miss you."

  After watching the movie, many viewers communicated with their families. The most tearful place for many people is the scene of the father of a sick little girl sitting on the side of the road and eating braised beef rice.

  The movie does not directly depict the scene of the little girl's death, but suddenly it appears that his father is walking on the street alone with his luggage and the little girl's wig.

In the endless stream of traffic, the hustle and bustle around is so lively, but the father's face is only blank and hollow.

It wasn't until he received the braised beef rice from Wei Yihang in the name of "daughter" that he suddenly collapsed and cried.

  These two characters did not even have names in the movie, but they moved countless audiences to tears.

  At that moment, everyone felt the heart-wrenching pain of his father.

  Yes, life is never easy, but each person has different test questions.

Looking back on the past 2020, everyone must have a deep understanding.

  And death is a topic everyone must face.

Therefore, the film tells everyone through Wei Yihang's mother: No one is not afraid of losing, and the best way to solve this problem is to live every minute and every second.

  We all have the desire to parallel time and space—there never snows, and there is no wind, it is a place that has never changed.

However, when wishes are just wishes, then we must face our own life test papers bravely, love life, go forward bravely, and cherish possession.

Regardless of whether life has given you a little red flower, remember to draw one for yourself.

  Because everyone is great.